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Conversation Between Sakurako and Ol'Yoggy
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  1. Ol'Yoggy
    03-17-2016 02:39 PM
    They cheered for the easy and quick results Garrosh promised to give them. Once Garrosh's insanity became obviously they cut off ties.

    Also in Warlords the Shadowmoon only followed because they were told "follow or we will kill you". If the orcs are evil it's because of shitty writing, and even then there are ways to argue they aren't inherently evil.

    If the way Garrosh was raised BEFORE thrall showed up is the "true orc way" garrosh would have killed himself due to how badly grom dropped the ball
  2. Ol'Yoggy
    03-17-2016 02:38 PM
    I'm saying this because I don't want to crap the thread but no Daelin was still wrong. The Orcs were actually pretty decent in Vanilla and the first two expansions. They only got obnoxious in CAta, and even THAT is easily explained as "resentment from being beaten shat on and mistreated in the camps for what their parents did" and "the alliance cut off trade causing orcs to die in the streets mostly for what the foresaken did."

    To quote the shattering "My people hunger, they thirst for clean water, they must have wood for housing. They believe they were wronged when the night elves closed the trade routes. They see this unwillingness to fill basic
    needs as a brutal act?and someone, somewhere, decided to retaliate in kind.?
    ?Slaughtering night elves and removing their skins is in-kind retaliation for closed trade?? Her voice rose.
    ?Closed trade permits children to starve, to be exposed to the elements, to become sick. The logic ? I can follow it. And so can others."

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