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For Quel'Thalas! For the Sunwell! GLORY TO THE SIN'DOREI!
29 7 69 6
09:33 PM
For all the orcs, Darkspear trolls, and Bilgewater goblins, who sought to start new lives after the Third War and Cataclysm. For those who believed in the dream of a new Horde under Thrall's leadership. This hard, arid land represents new beginnings and the hope for a better future. The hope for a better Horde.
20 0 0 45
Now that the travelogue's complete, here's a place where you can discuss it should you feel so inclined.
19 5 11 0
07:54 PM
For the ones who believe the Alliance should: -adopt a more agressive stance towards the Horde -stop being peace-loving hippies -take away the High King -involve all of their races in military actions against the Horde -have playable High Elves -take back Lordaeron, Ashenvale, Azshara and all of the invaded territories -destroy the Forsaken -bring back the internement camps -celebrate Daelin Proudmoore
16 2 8 0
12:38 PM
Cognitionis eorundem viam stratam dominatio. Alien races may apply for honorary membership with restrictions.
13 3 16 0
07:46 PM
The Kingdom of Stromgarde. Lord Erthad is the Regent of the state. Enemies of the state: Quel'Thalas Lordaeron
13 4 17 8
11:06 AM
Players of the Great War, the Roleplaying Game.
11 1 2 0
04:09 PM
Open to all stout hearted folk who enjoy a good Dwarven ale.
9 5 11 62
03:35 AM
:rhonin: :raptor: :raptor: :raptor:
9 1 3 1
06:09 PM
A petry dish for all things "Brony" on SoL. Be nice to each other or we'll be nice right back at you.
7 3 11 0
05:04 AM
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