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05:45 PM
Now that the travelogue's complete, here's a place where you can discuss it should you feel so inclined.
19 5 11 0
08:54 PM
All things Warriors. From Rage-issues to Rage-control.
6 0 0 0
Open to all stout hearted folk who enjoy a good Dwarven ale.
9 5 11 62
04:35 AM
Cognitionis eorundem viam stratam dominatio. Alien races may apply for honorary membership with restrictions.
13 3 16 0
08:46 PM
For all the orcs, Darkspear trolls, and Bilgewater goblins, who sought to start new lives after the Third War and Cataclysm. For those who believed in the dream of a new Horde under Thrall's leadership. This hard, arid land represents new beginnings and the hope for a better future. The hope for a better Horde.
20 0 0 45
The Greater Legion includes: - The Burning Legion proper - Queen Azshara, Light of Lights, and her Quel'dorei, and also Lord Xavius and the Satyr, under the direct command of Lord Sargeras - Sun King Kael'thas Sunstrider and the Sunfury Sin'dorei under the command of Lord Kil'jaeden - Grommash Hellscream and the Warsong Clan, under the command of Lord Mannoroth - Rage Winterchill and the Scourge, under the command of Lord Tichondrius - The Shadow Council of Jaednaar, and the Argus Wake, under the command of Lord Kil'jaeden Ner'zhul was never loyal, so does not belong. Illidan Stormrage and Gul'dan were undependable. The Sargerei and the Fel Iron Horde serve the Legion, but belong to a different universe.
1 1 1 0
05:07 AM
Players of the Great War, the Roleplaying Game.
11 1 2 0
05:09 PM
For the ones who believe the Alliance should: -adopt a more agressive stance towards the Horde -stop being peace-loving hippies -take away the High King -involve all of their races in military actions against the Horde -have playable High Elves -take back Lordaeron, Ashenvale, Azshara and all of the invaded territories -destroy the Forsaken -bring back the internement camps -celebrate Daelin Proudmoore
16 2 8 0
01:38 PM
Two classes to the Warcraft masses, with their digital snide. Five to the farmers, who in their basements dwell. Three to the tanks, doomed to wipe. One to the Warlocks, lords of Hell. In the lands of Solcu - Where lore grows ripe.
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