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Euphemialibritannia 09-06-2013 02:53 PM

2. Only a lil more than we need!

Anansi 09-06-2013 03:03 PM

I fucking told you! I fucking told you all! Don't trust the fucking dragons, I said, but did anyone listen? NOoooOOoo, of course not, I'm SURE they have SECRETS and SHIT LIKE THAT, so let's all just fucking GO ALONG WITH THE MALEVOLENT MAN-EATING MONSTERS!


Malygos 09-06-2013 03:12 PM

Clearly they were black dragons and we all know what happens when you trust black dragons.

2, overextending is bad.

Nazja 09-06-2013 03:13 PM

2. Should've been neutral like Nazja said. :P

Shroombie 09-06-2013 03:47 PM


Kellick 09-06-2013 03:59 PM

Well I just feel awful about breaking that tie, so I'm going to vote 2 too.

Trickster 09-06-2013 04:14 PM

Ill vote 2.

Yuber8900 09-06-2013 06:14 PM

Calling this earlier since that's 6 votes for number 2 and we there's currently 13 people posting multiple times.
And finally we need a Clan name. Ten letters as you can see.

Difficultly Level affects the starting resources and the secret rolls of the RNG.

Game Length is set to Long, because Short is just being you getting cut off a Long game right before the proper endgame fires and you don't actually become the King(or Queen) of Dragon Pass.

Anansi 09-06-2013 08:01 PM

Anvilmar, Flowerpicker, Blackrock, Warsong, Wildhammer and Stormreaver are all acceptable clan names.

Trickster 09-06-2013 09:02 PM

Let's call it "AlliedHorde". Or Stormpike. Or even better "Whinedom".

Yuber8900 09-06-2013 10:46 PM

Funnily enough Blackrock is a Clan Name the game can come up with on its own.

Kir the Wizard 09-07-2013 12:32 AM

Stormreaver, as we aspired for great knowledge!

Or Blackrock, to be more in line with the game!

Nazja 09-07-2013 02:40 AM

For obvious reasons, Dragonflayer. Treachery shall not be forgiven!

Yuber8900 09-07-2013 04:09 AM

And now we're known as the soon-to-be-famous Blackrock clan! Go us.
Let's Blackrock and roll and steal more warcraft jokes.
This is the end of the year screen(which photobucket has conveniently decided to list after the screenshot that should come after it). It'll show up at the end of the year to taunt us with babies and other facts. Scrolling the mouse over things in the picture will let us get some more in-depth info on things but it's generally useless beyond pretty pictures. Not that you can see what the mouse. Can you guess which building it's over?
This here is the Sacred Time screen. A year in KoDP is divided into five seasons and the Sacred Time at the end. Sacred Time is where we spend our clan's magic to bolster ourselves for the coming year.

The Forecast on the left is the God-talkers visions for the year. The top will always be about the harvest, while the bottom will usually be something more random.

The middle is our Reputation meter. Higher is better. Once we top it out we can make our steps towards advancing to endgame.

On the right is our Magic and our Reserve. We place however much we want into the boxes beneath to improve the effectiveness of each. In addition, Magic acts as a catch-all luck stat for the clan, and is used in a wide variety of events. Keep some in reserve. If we honor our ancestors by following the examples laid out in clan creation we'll gain magic, if we dishonor them we'll run dry. Or worse, and go into negative magic! Which really hurts.

As for the specifics. Left Coloumn and down.
Children magic boosts the amount of babies born. It is absolutly useless and in some ways activly detrimental. Newborn babies do nothing but eat up food for 16 years before they become farmers.

Crops boosts our harvest production. Simple and powerful.

Diplomacy affects the effectiveness to our emissaries to other clans and relations for events.

Health will prevent our people from falling sick or getting injured and if they do become afflicted as such it'll help them heal.

Herds is mostly to boost the general stats of our cows--fertility and such. Cows are the real measure of a clan's wealth, so it never hurts to have points here.

Right Column

Hunting increases the yield of game on your land. Hunters aren't that useful so neither is this. Might be worth it if we get a good hunting Forecast and have magic to spare.

Mysteries increases the chances of success when we sacrifice to the Gods for blessings and knowledge.

Quests will tilt the odds in our favor when we Heroquest(more on that later.)

Trade will increase the effectiveness of our traders and market.

War adds to our power during Raids. During a Raid you can choose to sacrifice to two different Gods for power. Any point put into War at Sacred Time acts as a point towards put into battle without having to take a risk of sacrificing.

The portraits at the bottom is our clan ring. Don't get attached to these losers as we'll be replacing them shortly. What's important right now is knowing that the left-most portrait is our Clan Chief. The icons in the bottom right of each portrait indicate what god that noble serves. I'll get into what each symbol represents later, but just so you know the clan chief for the first time I've ever seen actually represents our chosen god at the start.

Above the clan ring is simple set of key clan items. Cattle is our crows, goods are material wealth--like coins and fine silks. Food is represented in bushels, 1 food is enough to feed one person for a year. Population is how many people we have. WPNThanes is short for Weaponthanes. Weaponthanes are full time warriors and act as the tula's patrols. In combat, a Weaponthane fights with the strength of 5 normal fighters. Magic is how much well, magic the clan currently has.

So, how should we distribute our clan magic this year?

I highly suggest we always max out Crops. A clan that can't plant food is one that's starving and dead.

Nazja 09-07-2013 04:59 AM

Crops. :P

Kir the Wizard 09-07-2013 05:04 AM

Yeah, crops are the way.

Ashendant 09-07-2013 05:51 AM

Yeah okay crops

The Chief looks familiar:glare:

Trickster 09-07-2013 09:11 AM

Curse! An Orcish name for our clan!

Kir the Wizard 09-07-2013 12:12 PM


Originally Posted by WhinyAlly (Post 952388)
Curse! An Orcish name for our clan!

What other clan would attack an elven warlord of all people?

Anansi 09-07-2013 12:28 PM


Originally Posted by Kir the Wizard (Post 952461)
What other clan would attack an elven warlord of all people?

A dwarven one.

Nazja 09-07-2013 12:34 PM


Originally Posted by Anansi (Post 952472)
A dwarven one.

A vrykul clan too. Dragonflayers would've beaten sissy elves and treacherous dragons. :P

Anansi 09-07-2013 12:41 PM

Oh yeah, and let's throw all our magic at making babies. :naughty:

Yuber8900 09-07-2013 06:39 PM
When we're drowning in 2 children per 1 adult we'll see how much magic you want to put into Children then!
And now we're finally at the game proper! Before we get to be doing anything though, it's time for more explanations and tutorials for all of you yay! This is for everyone to get familiar with things while I prep for reorganizing the Clan Ring.

First off, look at that big old Sea next to the current year near the upper right. That's our season indicator. As I mentioned earlier, a year in KoDP is divided into five seasons and Sacred Time. The yearly seasons go Sea>Fire>Earth>Dark>Storm>Sacred Time. Each season has two in-game turns(except Sacred Time) and we have a great variety of actions to take during the year. First though a little breakdown on seasons.

Sea is the planting season. No one raids during planting season, not even the player. The farmers that make the bulk of your army don't go into battle because they're planting food, and the weaponthanes won't go without them. In rare cases, an event will happen allowing you to raid in Sea. This is suicide. Raiding in Sea means you don't plant any crops and your reputation with EVERYONE in the pass will take a hit because you're a suicidal dumbass. Your harvest will be non-existent and you'll probably start starving the whole clan.

Fire is the raiding season. Everyone wants to go and kick some ass because it's all hot.

Earth is the harvest season. This is when you get your yearly food boost and hopefully won't starve to death. You shouldn't raid in Earth either though in very rare cases you will get raided here.

Dark is essentially winter. We hunker down or take risks trying to send out our guys. Mostly we'll be sacrificing to the Gods or building stuff.

Storm is the final month and Orlanth's favorite. The weather here is fickle, sometimes as cold as Dark, other times like Sea. This is the secondary season for anything you accomplished during most of the year. Don't send out any of your Ring Members now though. If the Clan Ring isn't fully staffed during Sacred Time the Clan Magic will suffer.

And the finally is Sacred Time which I went over earlier. Go give that a reread if you want I guess.

Now up top and center is the selection for the various areas of clan management.
From left to right: Animals and Crops, Diplomacy, Trading, Raiding, Clan Population and Management, Gods and Shrines, Exploration, Myths and History, Clan Lore. Every single one of these menus will have, in the middle, a stone pillar inscribed with runes that affect that specific area. Glowing runes are active, dark black runes are blessing we know but aren't active, and gray runes we don't know.
From the left again, we start with Animals and Crops.

Again, from the left.
Cattle I've already gone over.
Sheep are used as sacrifices to the upkeep of our god shrines and temples. We can also Slaughter them for food if we get really desperate.
Horses are necessary to equip weaponthanes to fight. Our Nobles are also supposed to get horses. Horses are the most valuable animal in trade.
Pigs are sacrificed just like sheep except there are less god shrines that take pig upkeep.

Cropland is how much area we have cleared for crops.
Pasture is how much is set aside for animals.
Wildlands is how much hunting ground we have.

Crops Planted is almost entirely useless. Occasionally there will be an omen of a bad specific harvest so we should move sliders but no much else. Though if you lower one crop too low Ernalda gets prissy for not giving her plants enough love.

Expected Food should be obvious, as should Food Stockpile.
Diplomacy is a set of how other clans amongst Dragon Pass feel about you.

Clan is a set of every Clan in the pass. Clans with a N next to their name are Neighbors.

Tribes are an alliance group of four or more clans. There's currently only one Tribe in the Pass, and that's the Colymar.

Relation is a set of buttons about who feels what towards us.
Alliances we can call upon in Raids and will warn us if we get raided. Though note that clans we ally with might not actually like us!
Feuds are other clans we're engaged in more heated Raids with.
Favors we Owe are us owing another clan a debt they may call upon later.
Favors Due are other clans owing us something that we can try to call upon.
Known Clans are well, what we know.
Our Tribe will show us the borders of whichever Tribe we eventually belong to.
All Tribes shows the borders of every Tribe in the pass.

The Map on the right will center on our Clan in White in the middle.
Blue Clans are Alliances.
Red Clans are feuding.
Pink Clans are unfriendly.
Dark Purple clans are neutral.
Bright Purple Clans are friendly.

The Emissary button brings us to a new menu.

Here we can call on favors, or give gifts to other clans to improve relations or other such things. We select a noble leader from the left and set a guard on the right.

Trading Partners are the other nearby clans we have established a Trade Route with. Trade Routes bring us an influx of goods automaticlly without any effort on our part. The map on the right will have some black lines to our Trading Partners.

Treasures is a list of powerful items that we've acquired. As we've just started the game all we have is Blacktail, the world's horniest bull.

Mission, like Emissary, brings us to another menu.

Like Emissary, you select a noble and goal and send your guys out and hopefully make a profit!

Footmen are our farmers who take up arms.
Weaponthanes, like I said earlier, are full time warriors who patrol, like we see right beneath their number! Patrols are to spot enemy Raids and stop enemy Cattle Raids.

Raids are the last 5 other clans who we've raided. Which is nobody right now. Raided by is the reverse, which last five enemies raided us.

Fortification is the list of which Fortifications we have which are built in the Build A beneath it. Fortify is the cost in goods for each Fortification.

Cattle Raid and Raid send you into the small raid menus. Cattle Raids are small covert actions looking to sneak out another clan's cows, while a Raid is mustering the full army for a direct attack.

Clan Population and Management
Farmers farm and act as Footmen during raids.
Children are useless and waste food for years and years. Sometimes you'll get bitched at for not having enough children but so what.
Weaponthanes are... yeah.
Nobles are who make up our Clan Ring.
Crafters make stuff and give us goods and profit. We convert them from farmers.
Hunters hunt. Each Hunter brings in 2 bushels of food per hunter. But each Hunter also acts slightly stronger than a farmer during raids.
Thralls are slaves. They eat half as much food as a farmer and work nearly as hard.

Farmers, Weaponthanes, Crafters, Hunters and Thralls can be clicked on for additional options. Children will come with Farmers and nobles are born randomly.

Onto the right side.

First we see our glorious choice of clan.

Reorganize is where we'll be resettling our Clan Ring Nobles soon enough. We can also switch our clan type here.

The three lines are the moods for your clan. Clan mood is a general-purpose thing. The farmers will never be happy once this year is up and the better the weaponthanes feel the better they do on raids.

Feast is spending excess food to improve clan mood or relations with nearby clans. Gift allows you to throw goods at Farmers or Weaponthanes or Both to improve mood.

Gods and Shrines
This is where you'll sacrifice to the sixteen gods for blessings and knowledge. Each god has a number of blessings available for to learn. Once we learn one, we can either sacrifice to have that blessing active for a year, or build a Shrine to continually provide that blessing. Though note, that some blessings can only be sacrificed too and not used in a shrine. Shrines take a certain amount of resources to maintain per year, and are taxed at years end. The progression for the shrines goes Shrine < Temple < Great Temple. A Great Temple is able to provide for three active blessings at once. Our clan god should never have their shrine be smaller than another god's, that makes people pissy. Certain gods also cannot make Temples, which is really annoying.

Quest, is where we sent a noble to the Godplane to reenact a fabled event from times of past. Meanwhile back in mortal land, the rest of the clan LARPs what happened out. Each Heroquest has a set of rewards. Heroquest too often and the chance of failure increases. Nobles can and will die during these. I'll add the Heroquests under the appropriate god. In order to even embark on a Heroquest, we first need to learn about it from sacrificing to the appropriate god.

So with that out of the way let's introduce our gods!
Ancestors: We revere our ancestors, all the way back to those who so bravely survived the Great Darkness. (well that's not really a god.)
Summons of Evil: Calls forth our ancestral enemy.
Protection: Defends against hostile spirits.
Divination: Answers questions.

Barnter: Barntar the Plowman is the peaceful farmer god, backbone of the clan. He is the son of Ernalda and Orlanth. His wife is Mahome, Goddess of the Hearth. A Barnter worshiper increases the amount of magic we can put into Crops. (His God-Icon resembles a bizarre hybrid of a T and J.)
Plowsong: Allows our oxen to plow more land.
Vigor: Lets our farmers work more productively.

Chalana Arroy: Goddess of Health and Healing, and one of the Seven Lightbringers. A Chalana Arroy worshiper increases the amount of magic we can put into Health. (Her God-Icon resembles three vertical lines, which are supposed to be bandages.)
Hope: Improves clan mood.
Resurrection: Brings back a slain noble in extremely specific circumstances.
Healing: Hastens recovery of wounded people.
Curing: Hastens recovery of sick people.

Chalana Arroy Heals the Scars
During the Gods War, Chalana Arroy conducted many great healings. This quest can heal the sick or wounded, mend a rift in the clan or tribe, make peace with a neighbor, make the quester wiser, or mend wounds faster in the future.

Elmal: God of the Sun. He was rescued by Orlanth, and married into the Storm Tribe. Elmal guarded the homestead when the Lightbringers departed.
Sun: Helps ripen crops. A Elmal worshiper increases the amount of magic we can put into War. (His God-Icon resembles a horse.)
Steadfast: Improves our chances when defending.
Shield: Reduces the number of deaths and wounds among the weaponthanes.
Horsefriend: Prolongs the life of horses.

Elmal Guards the Stead(Male Only)
When Orlanth left on the Lightbringers Quest, Elmal guarded his stead, driving off many enemies. This quest can strength our defenses, gain fine horses, strength our leaders or the quester, ward against chaos or reconsile the weaponthanes.

Ernalda: The Earth Queen, and our main goddess. As Orlanth's wife, and the mother of Barntar and Voria, she's also the Family Goddess, with a pantheon of household spirits. A Ernalda worshiper increases the amount of magic we can put into Children. (Her God-Icon resembles an empty square.)
Swine Blessing: Improves the fertility of our sows.
Preserve: Helps preserve food against spoilage.
Bless Crops: Improves crop yield, especially of barley.
Bless Children: Increases the fertility of our women. (HAHAHHA NO.)

Ernalda Feeds the Tribe(Female Only)
During the Darkness, Ernalda rescued the bountiful deities who feed our people. This quest can bring back a treasure from the Underworld, increase crop yields, make peace with the elves, make our cows healthy, reconcile the farmers, or strength the quester.

Eurmal: The Trickster God, Fool, Outlaw, and Scapegoat, he is nonetheless one of the Seven Lightbringers and a friend to Orlanth. He brings trouble to those around him. An Eurmal trickster increases the amount of magic we can put into Quests. (His God-Icon resembles three dots.)
Eurmal is unique in that you cannot build a shrine to him, and can only use his powers if a Trickster is seated on the clan ring.
Curse: Curses another clan.
Bless: Blesses our clan.

Humakt: God of War and Death, and of all Endings. He is the patron of the severest of warriors, each whom has a list of stringent vows to uphold. A Humakt worshiper increases the amount of magic we can put into War. (His God-Icon resembles a cross which is really supposed to be a sword.)
Truesword: Weaponthanes fight with the strength of two. (This means a weaponthane now fights twice as hard. A normal weaponthane fights with the strength of five footmen, a Truesword weaponthane fights with the strength of ten.)
Oath: Seals bonds between clans.
Morale: Improves the ability of our warriors in battle.
Battle Luck: Improves our chances of winning a battle.

Humakt the Champion
When Humakt gained the power of Death, Orlanth tried to get it from him. They finally made peace, and Humakt gained a new status. This quest can gain a treasure, bestow Humakt's blessing in battle, defend against undead, reconcile the weaponthanes or strengthen the quester.

Issaries: The Talking God is the God of Trade and Travel, and also of Communication and Conciliation. He is one of the Seven Lightbringers.
The Issaries Shrines double as the clan market. The higher the level the more Trade Routes you can make and the more often the market makes a profit. A Issaries worshiper increases the amount of magic we can put into Trade. (His God-Icon resembles a H.)
Trading: Improves the profit of trading missions.
Spare Grain: Obtains extra food via trade.
Market: Improves the profit of the market.
Silvertongue: Helps traders and negotiators.

Issaries the Counciliator
During the Darkness, Issaries restored travel, trade and talking by bringing peace to two warring tribes. This quest can end a fued, improve relaions with others, enhance our trade, learn about Dragon Pass, learn new myths, or strengthen the quester.

Lhankor Mhy: The Knowing God, and God of Lawspeaking. He is one of the Seven Lightbringers. He is the patron of jurors and scholars. A Lhankor Mhy worshiper increases the amount of magic we can put into Diplomacy. (His God-Icon resembles a Y.)
Literacy: Helps our dealings with other clans. (Yes, literacy is a blessing, one that the Marking Bone just gave us!)
Lawspeaker: Aids in legal cases, ensures the clan mood isn't soured by unresolved disputes.
Clan Lore: Helps divine the truth.
Divination: Answers questions.

Lhankor Mhy Finds the Truth
Lhankor Mhy made a voyage to regain the lost truth. This quest can learn new myths, make our leaders or the quester wiser, fight darkness, defend against chaos, or learn more about the land of Dragon Pass.

Malia: Mistress of Disease, Pestilence and Plague. She is one of the Unholy Trio.
As Malia is a Chaos Goddess and y'know, evil, we can't build a shrine to her. We can "sacrifice" to her however.
Immunity: Grants immunity from a plague.
Cause Plague: Sends a plague to another clan's tula.
Curing: Restores our sick people to health.

Maran Gor: Earth Shaker and Mother of Dinosaurs(yes really). She is Ernalda's grim sister. We cannot get worshipers of her.
Earthblood: Improves the fertility of our lands when people are killed on them. Also known as the best blessing.
Blast Earth: Ruins another clan's land.

Odayla: God of Hunting. He is a friend of the Lady of the Wild, and of Orlanth's brother Yinkin, the alynx god. An Odayla worshiper increases the amount of magic we can put into Hunting. (His God-Icon resembles weird reverse triangle.)
I think you can't build a Great Temple to Odayla but his blessings are ass so I rarely get them anyway.
Friend of Yinkin: Reduces food spoilage due to rats and vermin.
Sureshot: Improves hunting yield.
Tracking: Helps us find things.

Orlanth: King of the Gods, and our principal deity. He led the Seven Lightbringers to renew the world. He made the first clans and the first justice. An Orlanth worshiper increases the amount of magic we can put into War. (His God-Icon resembles a swirly thing.)
Woad: Reduces the number of deaths and wounds among farmers.
Thunderstone: Improves the effectiveness of our skirmishers. (Skirmishers are hunters, which are few in number at the best of times.)
Rain: Helps raise our crops.
Lightning: Deals out more wounds in battle.

The Making of the Storm Tribe
With Ernalda's aid, Orlanth made the first tribe by gathering his kin and allies. This quest can gain Orlanth's blessing for tribe-making, improve our reputation or political abilities, or make the quester a strong leader.

Orlanth and Aroka
To end a drought caused by a kindman, Orlanth slew a dragon and rescued Heler, the Rain God. This quest can bring rain, gain and treasure, strengthen the quester, make dragonewts fear us, or shield us from kinstrife.

Uralda: The Cow Mother, one of Ernalda's daughters, makes our herds prosper. Am Uralda worshiper increases the amount of magic we can put into Herds. (Her God-Icon resembles two triangles arranged like an hourglass.)
Milk Blessing: Increases the milk yield of our cows.
Calf Blessing: Increases the fertility of our cows.

Uralda's Blessing/The Slaughterhouse(Female only)
Uralda found a way to shelter her children with two-legged people. This quest will brutally murder whomever you send on it. The rewards are that it can make cows more valuable or healthier, gain a herd of cows or a magical cow, increase the cow knowledge of our people or the quester, protect our cows from bad fortune, or gain dominion over bulls and bull-headed people.

Urox: The Storm Bull is unruly and lawless, but his powers are indispensable in the fight against chaos, which he hates more than anything. An Urox worshiper increases the amount of magic we can put into War. (His God-Icon resembles a reverse triangle with horns.)
Smite Chaos: Improves our chances of fighting against chaos.
Sense Chaos: Helps warn against chaos incursions.
Berserker: Increases the chance of victory, with more deaths and wounds on both sides.

Vinga: Adventuress. She is the patron of women born with the heart of a warrior. A Vinga worshiper increases the amount of magic we can put into War. (Her God-Icon resembles a siwlr from three directions.)
Vingans count as Orlanth for the purpose of Clan Chief Deity Worship as well as acting separately for the purpose of Ring Deity Diversification.
Vinga can only have a shrine.
Pathfinder: Enhances explorers.
Fyrdwomen: Allows women to defend the tula.
Exploration is just sending out some noble and a bunch of fodder to look for things. We should look for stuff near our tula before heading out into the big wide world.
Myths and History is a bunch of background information on the setting and the Gods and the heroquests. We'll get into that more when it's relevant.
Clan Lore is just an in-game record of what's gone on. Not too useful since we can just see everything here.

Anyway, now that you're down here you've done and read it all. Wow... hopefully cutting things for Clan Reorganizing doesn't take tooo long.

Yuber8900 09-08-2013 12:38 AM

Oh apparently a gigantic info-dumb isn't enough to get comments outta people. I see I see.
Here we have the reorganize screen for the Clan Ring. We can sort our nobles by stats or alphabetical groupings. If listing by stats, the Noble with the highest level in that Stat is listed in the top left, and the second best is to their right and so on.

All nobles are ranked in all seven of the stats, as you can see on Koreng's sheet. In order of lowest to highest all stats are ranked the following. Unranked < Fair < Good < Very Good < Excellent < Renowned < Heroic. Any stat below Fair doesn't even show up on the nobles stats. Note, stats work on a hidden scale of points. As an example, Heroic starts at 50 points, but there's no visible difference between a 50-point Heroic and a 100-point Heroic even though there is a difference when it comes down to RNG rolls.

Additionally the Age of the noble and their chief god is listed. Nobles start to die off around Koreng's age, so don't get too attached to him.

Anyway unto stats! Left to right like it's out of style.

Animals is a representation of a noble's skills with animals and the effectiveness of their advice.
Bargaining is how good a trader and negotiator they are. A higher bargaining can even get you stuff for completely free.
Combat is a measure of fighting prowess. ANYONE can be called into a combat situation, so it's useful for everyone.
Custom is knowledge of the law and clan history. A high custom allows a noble to talk circles around opponents.
Leadership is how well a noble commands in battle and in clan matters. If your chief doesn't have the highest Leadership, the people get hella mad.
Magic is a noble's skill with magic. This allows a noble to be more effective in divining the purposes of mystic powers and is also used in combat events.
Plants is for being good with plants. Everything that applies to Animals applies here except greener.

At the very bottom we can change our War/Balanced/Peace clan to one or the other.

Frankly this is about one of the best starting noble rings I've ever had. The top three leaders in our clan are all worshipers of our Chosen Goddess, but there's still some improvements to be made.

I've currently made four choices for Ring Seats.
Natalina is our clan's best Leader, worships Ernalda and she's pretty young to boot. If we move like the wind she could end up Queen of Dragon Pass. The rest of her stats are lowish, but that's what we have the ring for.
Loricon worships Elmal, and is sadly best at Combat in the clan, which makes him our warleader during raids. During events he'll offer threat assessments and violent solutions.
Angorri worships Banter and is second-best with Plants in our clan. His skill with Plants is Excellent however, which is the same tier as the clan's best plants-person. Worshiping Banter however, means we can put an additional point into Crops at Sacred Time.
Enothea is a Trickster, who "worship" Eurmal by doing loads of crazy-ass things and have a ton of unique events about them being batshit insane. I LOVE that we got one of them on our ring at the start. Sadly she also doubles as the Clan's best Magic and only at Very Good, which can spell trouble.

Now, the selection for our three remaining slots begins!

We have three choices for our Animals noble.
Rostakos has the highest Animals skill in the clan, but he unfortunately worships Odayla the Hunting God.
Jenesta is second-best at Animals, and as a boon she worships Uralda so she gives us another Magic Point to put into Herds at Sacred Time. However, of our three choices she's the oldest in age.
Garneneva is our third-best at Animals, and like Jenesta she also worships Uralda. She's also the clan's best Plants-person so she'll get into advice conflicts with Angorri over things.

Our next choice is for our Bargaining Noble.

This time we have four choices, all who worship Issaries and give us a Magic Point towards Trade in Sacred Time. Not having the best Bargainer on the ring isn't painful though, since that means we can send them out on Trade Missions all the time and put that skill to good use.
Rana is clan-best at Bargaining, but she is one of the oldest people in the clan and likely to die very soon.
Inganna is the third-best at Bargaining(the second-best is another Ernalda worshipper, which we do not want). She is also fairly young and has the best Combat of our choices. Trade missions get attacked by bandits all the time so someone tough to lead them helps.
Farad is fourth-best, and the last choice with Excellent in Bargaining. He's slightly less old than Rana but that's all he has.
Jarosar is fifth-best, but only ranks as Very Good in Bargaining and Fair in Combat. His main advantage is that he's extremely young, so if we put some work into him he can last the entire game.

Finally we have a choice between two nobles for Custom.
Good Old Koreng is our clan's best Custom, ranking in excellent. However like Rana he's about ready to keel over, and he doesn't worship Lhankor Mhy the Knowing God.
Kallat is our other choice, second-best in Custom with Very Good and being a worshiper of Lhankor Mhy. He'll give us another point of Diplomacy during Sacred Time.

Animals: Rostakos, Jenesta or Garneneva?
Bargaining: Rana, Inganna, Farad or Jarosar?
Custom: Koreng or Kallat?

Kir the Wizard 09-08-2013 01:44 AM

Animals: Garneneva
Bargaining: Inganna
Custom: Kallat


Originally Posted by Anansi (Post 952472)
A dwarven one.

This ain't no LOTR.

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