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C9H20 12-01-2012 07:09 AM


Originally Posted by Millenia (Post 591997)

Now would Uther the Blightbringer work for mirror Warcraft?

Uther the Duskbringer has a better ring to it.

Revenant 12-01-2012 01:40 PM

Uther the Fightbringer/Blightbringer/Duskbringer/Deathbringer. Make up a/more setting.

Millenia 12-01-2012 04:48 PM


Originally Posted by C9H20 (Post 592132)
Uther the Duskbringer has more a better ring to it.

I actually prefer keeping it to -ightbringer with his alternate selves. Lightbringer (default), Fightbringer (Brawler's Guild master), Blightbringer (warlock/DK thing), Kitebringer (Azeroth where children's kite flying is what the world revolves upon), Sightbringer (pacifist healer?).

BaronGrackle 12-01-2012 11:11 PM


Originally Posted by Millenia (Post 592291)
I actually prefer keeping it to -ightbringer with his alternate selves. Lightbringer (default), Fightbringer (Brawler's Guild master), Blightbringer (warlock/DK thing), Kitebringer (Azeroth where children's kite flying is what the world revolves upon), Sightbringer (pacifist healer?).

Well, don't forget The Nightbringer (no Uther in the name here, because of anonymity), who hails from a universe in which every single kingdom and clan in Azeroth and Draenor has been overrun by bandits and/or ogres, because bandits and ogres are really really really good at overrunning nations and stuff. Nightbringer is a masked vigilante who strikes from the darkness and shadow, waging war against that superstitious and cowardly lot.

(EDIT: But seriously, watch out for those bandits. This universe's version of Azeroth, Draenor, Argus, and several other worlds are completely controlled by rival gangs. And let me point out that in this universe, there is no Burning Legion. Sargeras was stabbed to death in a dark alley by a human cutpurse and two ogre rogues. Somehow.)

~ ~ ~

EDIT EDIT: In contrast, the universe that has Uther the Rightbringer is strikingly similar to the Warcraft universe we know. Naturally, a few things were... slightly different. Chrono-historians are still working to discover any significant distinctions, the primary one so far being that the Menethil bloodline is filled with gingers instead of blondes. Also, Turalyon had an impressive beard. Durotan had a significant underbite (though it didn't pass on to Thrall). And Garithos sported a very thin, well-groomed handlebar mustache instead of the one we're used to.

EDIT EDIT EDIT: UPDATE!!!! It's just been discovered that in Uther the Rightbringer's universe, Gul'dan had really freaky eyebrows. This weirded out Blackhand once when he was drunk, so he drove his axe into Gul'dan's skull. This probably had some sort of effect on the universe.

BaronGrackle 01-11-2013 05:20 PM

Sexy Parallel Universe #37

Garona is killed during the attack on Medivh, in Karazhan. Regardless, Lothar and Khadgar barely manage to succeed in assassinating the mad wizard - it just takes a little longer to do so.

In fact, it takes long enough so that Gul'dan has enough time to obtain the information on the Tomb of Sargeras from Medivh's mind, severing his connection just before the ill-fated wizard is killed. Later that evening, Doomhammer's spies report the usual activity - Gul'dan remains by Blackhand's side.

Eventually, Stormwind Keep falls.

~ ~ ~

The end result? Almost exactly the same as our actual universe. The main differences being that, at the start of the Second War, King Llane has led his kingdom to Lordaeron. And Blackhand still leads the Horde.

~ ~ ~

Sexy Parallel Universe #38

The same situation, only Stormwind Keep hasn't fallen yet. The First War has lasted for over a decade. With Medivh slain, communications have opened between continental Azeroth and the outside world. Every kingdom knows what is happening in Stormwind.

Llane has secured an extremely favorable trade agreement with Kul Tiras, and has begun to see military aid from Stromgarde and Ironforge - mostly mercenaries eager for battle and coin.

However, Ironforge has also entered a tentative "understanding", an unofficial alliance with Stormwind, since Blackhand's Horde has already spilled over into southern Khaz Modan. Some Gnomes have hired themselves as scientific and logistical advisors, mostly for the love of exercising their intellects. Certain Goblins have done the same, on both sides of the war.

The Dark Irons have also remained at war with the Horde for years, but there is little chance of them cooperating with Stormwind or their Bronzebeard cousins.

The lands in continental Azeroth are torn apart from a neverending war. Gradually, Blackhand has called forth more and more forces from the orcish homeworld in Draenor. The Warsong and Shattered Hand clans have long ago joined the Horde on this side of the portal. After sending Doomhammer on a diplomatic mission, the Horde has likewise recruited Gnolls and Jungle Trolls into their axis alongside the Ogre clans. The Kobolds are less eager, though they may join soon. Meanwhile, back on Draenor, Ner'zhul sulks in impotent despair.

In a desperate act, Lothar convinces Llane to send a representative to Quel'thalas - in an effort to invoke an ancestral oath that goes back to the days of Arathor.

Kir the Wizard 01-13-2013 07:55 AM

Poor Communication Kills - A Long Enough Dialog Will Save Your Life And Hundreds More

A sword's strike. A wolf's bite. A maimed arm, caught in the raider's net. Nazgrel knew that he was winning. Oh, his opponent will thrash and fight for some time, but in truth he already accepted defeat. With the fabled Bladefists cut away, the renowned warrior becomes a withered old orc, too warped by the demonic curse. A perfect time for some final words before the inevitable end.

-You are a pathetic monster, Kargath. - Nazgrel spit out the words in disdain. - This blood haze has brought our people only pain and suffering, yet you still drink demon blood!? How dare you even call yourself a Warchief!?
-At least I and my clanmen stayed here to protect our ancestral homeland! - growled the injured fel orc. - I don't remember seeing you among the defenders of our people on Draenor, Azerothian dog!
-Defenders? You allied with the demons! - Nazgrel shouted in rage. He didn't expect the felsworn to mutter a response, let alone try to argue.
-I did what I had to. It was a better decision than simply allowing him to slaughter us, and I stand by it. Kill me, if you must, green pup, and have him rule the orcs of Draenor on his own, without a chieftain to stop his madness. - the old orc muttered sadly and sighed, finally stopping the thrashing; blood haze gone from his red eyes. - I did everything I could to save us, all for nothing. The True Horde dies with me.
-It pains me to execute you, Kargath Bladefist. It really does. The whole Horde honors you as one of its greatest heroes; damn, my new hometown in the Badlands was named after you! Who could ever believe you would turn into... this!? But believe me, none of those heroics from the old days will save your pathetic life now, fallen one. By the orders of the Warchief and the Will of the Horde, I execute you, Kargath Bladefist, as a servant of the Burning Legion!
-I do not serve the Legion, idiot.

At this very moment, Nazgrel's world shattered into many little pieces.

-Come again?
-I deserve the title of "demonic lackey" no more and no less than any other orc in the Horde. We served no demons after Gul'dan's defeat, and certainly did not want to serve any after Ner'zhul's. After Draenor shattered and plunged into the Nether, we fought against all odds. Humans, arakkoa, demons, dragons. Eventually the fighting stopped when the pit lord Magtheridon arrived with a vast demonic army and conquered the whole of Outland, save for maybe Shattrath, for the Burning Legion.
-And you agreed to serve him?
-"Agreed" implies a choice. Magtheridon bound us to his cause through a new blood pact, infused into our people by the Auchindoun warlocks. In return they were spared from the pact and allowed to have free will for staying loyal to the Legion.
-How come you don't serve the Legion anymore?
-Some years ago Magtheridon was dethroned by the half-demon Illidan, allied with the water witch Vashj and the elven king named Karlson or something like that.
-That would be Prince Kael'thas, the Lord of the Blood Elves, wouldn't it?
-Yep, that's the name. Illidan declared himself the new Lord of Outland. I figured out that it would be the right time to act. I gathered the Shattered Hand and drove the Shadow Council away from the clans and back into their Auchindoun. Purging a few demoniacs out from the clans was enough for the half-demon to consider me fit to be the Warchief.
-But, the demonic invasion... Kazzak and his Burning Crusade... None of this makes sense!
-We destroyed most of the Legion's holdings here when Illidan returned from Northrend. They always tried to take their citadels back, but never mustered a force strong enough to defeat our allied armies. Some Forge Camps still persist, to teleport new troops for their sudden rush to the Dark Portal. As far as I understand, Draenor's position in both the Nether and the Great Dark allows for an easy gathering point to stage an invasion to Azeroth.
-So, you too managed to break away from the servitude to the Legion...
-In a way, yes.
-And the red skin?
-Nobody bothered to remove it. - Kargath shrugged. - Illidan cared little for the orcs and preferred his soldiers enhanced by Fel. He placed Magtheridon under lock in the lower section of Hellfire Citadel, intent to make new felsworn warriors using the demon's blood.
-Kargath, we already endured a fel orc crisis on Azeroth. We have shamans and priests able to purge the curse away. Would you renounce the Fel, if healed?
-I... guess so. - the old orc said, surprised and unsure. - I have spent so many years under this curse, condemned by my very blood to obey the damned Magtheridon... I hardly remember how does it feel, to live free from the blood haze. Maybe I am a demon lackey after all.
-Now, that, - Nazgrel put his blade away, - is for the Warchief to decide. Expect him to arrive soon. For now, you are my prisoner. We shall return to Thrallmar immediately. Say, do you have any means of communication with this Kael'thas person?
-Not as a prisoner, of course. - Kargath smirked, - But, if freed, I can send a messenger to the elven base in Terrokar. Why the sudden interest?
-Well, you see, he is supposed to be the leader of our allied elves. Somehow, neither he, nor his lackeys didn't bother to give us a quick overview of the situation here. I wholly expected to fight nothing but the Legion's armies.
-Well, orcling, you know what they say. Poor communication kills.

BaronGrackle 01-13-2013 08:19 AM

^ Excellent, Kir. Now do one for Teron Gorefiend. Do it hard and firm. :vile:

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