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Korath 08-07-2013 09:08 AM

Artefacts of Solcu
Still in my crusade to revive the project, this thread will allow the creators of Solcu (us) to imagine artefacts for our world. It could be an ancient technomagi lost since millennium, an antic and powerful weapon or more simply the Last Diaper of Emperor Tajar the Brainless.

As for today...

The Face of Horror :

The Face of Horror is, basically, the crown of the Kaaral. This ancient helmet wasn't created by the Kaaradi but, as the legend said, offered by the Monster-God Mandar'marli to the ancient hero Kor ra Ath when the Ath swore to uphold the Eternal Vigil. The quality of this helmet is far beyond what mortal smiths can hope to achieve, and the metal used to craft it is unknown to the Kaaradi, even today : it is not bronze nor copper, no steel nor iron, not even vara, yet the Face of Terror is light to wear and extremely resilient. In itself, the Face looks like both a skull and a screaming face.

When the Kaaral wore the Face in war, it is said that an aura of pure Horror emanate from the helmet, which allow the Kaaral to get an edge against even Those from Below. Only the abominations from the Realm of Terror or the Undeads seem to be immune to the helm's effects.

The Face is highly revered by the Kaaradi and his protected, when not worn, by no less than six Vara'Gol.

Magistrix Verdande 08-08-2013 04:39 AM

Nagaraja & Nagini

This pair of large, alabaster cobras are believed to have been born from the same clutch - making them siblings. Able to stand as tall as a full grown man when angered, and oddly indifferent to the world otherwise, the twin cobras most remarkable feature appears to be their longevity.

Nagaraja and his sister, Nagini, are believed to have been alive forever.

Being the property always of the current ruler of Abydos, the twin cobras crawl freely through the imperial palace, being fed by caretakers and being otherwise indifferent to the Asha and their praise. They possess luminous, alabaster skin that appears to glow in the dark skies of the cavernous continent.

Some believe that the twin snakes are the offspring of the Suran god Vritra Apepophis Sura - hatchlings who survived the Immortal Wars between the Asha, Amesha, Ashari, Dwarves and Kaaradi against the gods of Duat. That, they say, would be the only explanation for their longevity.

The snakes are recorded as having been in Shambala as far back as the founding of Abydos, pre-dating the end of the Age of Mythology.

Korath 08-09-2013 06:28 AM

Living artefacts ! I find it tasty !

But here's a funny one.

The Strange Pipe of Leibermann Schlaussivk :

Leibermann Schlaussivk was an eccentric Wind Elf, inhabiting a secluded manor in the Steilenland Duchy, centuries prior to the Little Wars. A great magician and a wise elf, Leibermann was also known for his odd behaviour : he was persuaded that fire magic was enhanced when he wore only red, orange or yellow clothes, while natural magic was best practised naked in the wood than clothed in a park.

Among his numerous creation, his most famous is know as the Strange Pipe of Leibermann Schlaussivk. This pipe, sculpted so its foyer would looks like Mohira's head and the rest of the pipe as her voluptuous body, was created with the wood of an Ebon Tree from Jebrak, enchanted by powerful spells of durability by Leibermann. If it was its only characteristics, this pipe wouldn't have become legendary.

But when Leibermann smoked with it, he was lost in strange daydreams and delusion of grandeur. While, during a time, his dreams served him, allowing him to understand old knowledge and discover new theories concerning magic, the pipe led him to a grim end. As years passed, he became more and more strange, until his death, under the three full moons, when he tried to "summon the Lady from the Three Jewels" and ended killing himself in a disastrous explosion of magic, which burned the land on a 500 meters radius with Leibermann at the centre, dead but unburned, his pipe in his hand.

Since that time, the Schlaussivk family have sell the Pipe to unwise scholars and wizards, but everytime that the three moons are full in the same night, the Strange Pipe his once again in the hand of a family member who'll try to summon the Lady from the Three Jewels and will end as Leibermann, even if there isn't as much burned land at each attempt.

Yaskaleh 08-11-2013 06:31 AM

I love your liebermann's pipe! He sound like the stereotypical schwarzkronen nobleman who've dipped closer to insanity than genius. Though i wouldn't call him wise when you consider his foolish notion of clothing having anything to do with fire magic and the risk he took with making a pipe in the image of mohira the trickster who is very fickle with her blessings and curses which brought his doom.
I can really see him in my mind, clad in reddish robes with a huge stylish inc black mustasche. Most elves of of steilenland hail originally from westland and they're just as extravagant.

Korath 08-11-2013 06:36 AM


Originally Posted by Yaskaleh (Post 931488)
I love your liebermann's pipe! He sound like the stereotypical schwarzkronen nobleman who've dipped closer to insanity than genius. Though i wouldn't call him wise when you consider his foolish notion of clothing having anything to do with fire magic and the risk he took with making a pipe in the image of mohira the trickster who is very fickle with her blessings and curses which brought his doom.
I can really see him in my mind, clad in reddish robes with a huge stylish inc black mustasche. Most elves of of steilenland hail originally from westland and they're just as extravagant.

I'm glad you like it !

Feel free to create a Kaaradi, Aldash or Thama artefact :) !

Yaskaleh 08-11-2013 06:40 AM

I'll make a few posts of heroes, artfifacts and lore once i'm back at my computer tomorrow afternoon. Writing much on my phone is too much of a bother.

Korath 08-11-2013 03:40 PM

The Sword of a Thousand Murders :

The Sword of a Thousand Murders (Sen no ken satsujin, or 千の剣殺人) is a powerful weapon from the Kingdom of Thama (the former colonies of Täjara on the eastern side of Duraleka). The Sword was forged during the Second Brethren War by the Heirs. Imbued with the power of lightning and spells of durability and strength, the Sword of a Thousand Murders could have become a weapon of legend for good. Alas, when the Heirs attacked the small town of Chunjashima, the wielder of the Sword, Otori Yamawoshi ordered than the prisoners where put in rank, and he killed them all, the thousand of them, old people, children and pregnant women alike. But, unknown to all the people present, the Kami of the Heirs couldn't bear the weight of such a crime and only the most bloodthirsty would have help Yamawoshi.

In fact, the Sword was cursed so it would bring its wielder in a bloody frenzy both on and outside the battlefield, thus leading to them being killed by their own men more often than not. Nonetheless, the Heirs still used the Sword of a Thousand Murders during all the wars. When the Dragons finally claimed the control of the former colonies and created the Kingdom of Thama, they sealed the Sword, and then offered it to the monks, hoping that the cursed blade could be purified. Alas, the Sword remain cursed, and as of today, only the most desperate or pure would dare the wield the Sword, the former succumbing to its curse, the latter managing to retain their sanity. It must be noted that it is strictly forbidden to lend the Sword to the Shensin no Akuma (Warrior Devils) , known for their bloody behaviour.

This blade is actually he property of Sotoshi Susuke, the Head Monk of the Kami no kenmei sa (The Wisdom of Gods), one of the three orders of Monk in Thama.

Yaskaleh 08-12-2013 07:38 AM

An interesting cursed artifact. Though I noticed one thing. Isn't the Colonies supposed to be on the eastern side of duraleka?

Korath 08-12-2013 07:43 AM

Oups, my mistake ! Thanks for the correction.

SmokeBlader 08-12-2013 07:45 AM

Nice stuff there. Though imo you guys should add more soul eating blades.

Korath 08-12-2013 07:48 AM


Originally Posted by SmokeBlader (Post 932172)
Nice stuff there. Though imo you guys should add more soul eating blades.

Well, soul-eating is a little hard for two reasons :

-we said that only the Gods can plat with souls.
-there is already to species who, at least, believe that they can claim the souls of their enemies (the Jungle Elves and the Kaaradi).

Yaskaleh 08-22-2013 02:07 PM

The Fan of Winter's Winds

This strange fan of Thaman craftmanship have circulated the busy city of Landsluss since the rise of the Kingdom of Thama. It's history prior to the arrival to Landsluss remains unknown, yet it has surely made itself a name since then.
Crafted from the wings of a great white drake and Ebon wood of jebrak, painted in scenes in all the shades of blue, the scenery changing depending on who wields or views it. From calm white winds over clouds on a blue sky to a deadly blizzard over windswept plains. For all it's beauty and rarity, as the drakes are now extinct, it is the power the wielder commands which makes it famous. Whatever scenery it depicts, the wielder can command if he's been attuned to it.
It has passed from heroes to villains, each one of them making their mark upon the city the surrounding lands. A great [insert plains barbarian race] warlord once besieged Landsluss for a whole year, keeping the city in a blizzard throughout the siege. The Thaman monk and adventurer Generous Jien ended the siege as he snuck into the main war camp and took the head of the Warlord, resulting in his officers fighting each others for dominance, scattering the great host to the winds.

Anansi 08-22-2013 08:44 PM

The Dragonmail of Visja Samraja

This ornamental set of armor is worn by the Grandmaster of the Dragon Knight Order. It was constructed from the scale and bone of the dragon Skarxikaus by his executioner, Imperial Magister Visja Samraja, first Grandmaster of the Order. The set consists of:

-A carved bone full helm inscribed with the sigil of Täj, the King God, and set with a band of silver around the scalp.
-A scale and bone shirt reinforced with steel links and decorated with a bronze chestplate depicting the battle between Visja and Skarxikaus. In the background of this relief tableau Anansi, the Spider God, appears as the sun looking down at them.
-A scale and leather cloak decorated with scenes from pre-imperial Täjaran history, presided over by Sept, the Owl God.
-A pair of scale gauntlets reinforced at the lower arm, backhand and finger joints with dragon bone. Upon the palm of the left glove is branded the sigil of Heshna, the Elephant God. Upon the right is Tiam, the Tiger.
-A scale and chain belt decorated with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and opals, the Täjaran sacred stones signifying Mastery, Cunning, Wisdom, Strength-in-Defense and Strength-in-Attack.
-A pair of scale and chain-mail leggings, reinforced at the shins and thighs with inscribed plates of bone.
-A pair of jointed bone greaves set with bands of silver about the ankle and calf.

It is unenchanted and prized more for its historical, artistic and material value than its utility in war.

Anansi 08-24-2013 11:28 AM

Tooth and Nail

A pair of twin blades forged long before the Age of History. Both weapons are worked, grip and all, from single pieces of a strange white metal unlike anything known to the modern races.

Tooth's long narrow blade extends from a guard shaped like a snarling mouth. The grip is inscribed with a series of tiny, indecipherable runes spiraling tightly from guard to pommel. The blade itself curves gently in the last two feet before its point.

Nail's shorter and broader blade is clenched in a gnarled claw and curves sharply from base to tip. It has a similar but different spiraling inscription across its grip.

Both blades appear to exert some degree of control over the wielder, induce wounds that are extraordinarily slow to heal, corrode most other metals upon even brief contact and emit a faint white glow. There is a very strong mythic force between the two, and attempts to separate them from one another by any great distance have universally ended in catastrophic bad fortune for all involved, culminating in apparently unwitting third parties reuniting the blades within days.

The twin blades seem attracted to areas of great conflict and have on more than one occasion each passed to champions on opposite sides of a great battle. In such circumstances, they tend to lay waste to the larger part of each army before being brought to bear against one another in a long and bloody duel, the result of which is not infrequently the death of both champions. Nail has been observed to triumph slightly more often than Tooth in these duels.

On the occasions when the two blades come under a single master, it is common for the warrior to initiate a reign of terror and carnage upon his or her surroundings before vanishing into the wild. Such periods of exposure are usually followed by long years and even decades of silence, wherein the swords will gradually fade from local memory into folk legend and myth. Then, without explanation or warning, they will appear on the other side of the world, often in minor pawnshops or among a wandering peddler's wares.

Tooth and Nail are not toys, and should be kept out of reach of children.

Korath 08-24-2013 11:37 AM

Do Tooth and Nail are Täjaran artefacts or do they belong to no country ?

Anansi 08-24-2013 11:42 AM


Originally Posted by Korath (Post 942191)
Do Tooth and Nail are Täjaran artefacts or do they belong to no country ?

They're relics from the Age of Myth. Nobody knows what race or nation crafted them, and they don't generally stay put long enough to become established in any modern cultural identity.

I forgot to mention that their grips are just barely too large to be comfortable in human hands.

Yaskaleh 08-24-2013 12:24 PM

Glove of Burnished Blaze:

At first glance it looks like a simple glove of lobstered bronze and copper plate, though as you peer closer does it's splendor reveal itself. The glove has been part of wind elven folk lore and tales since before the Schism. Thought to have been forged at the height of half-giant and proto-elven cooperation in the field of magitech. The framework of the glove are made of bronze while the exterior plating are made of copper. I'ts made up of many smaller parts which fit together perfectly, allowing for far more flexibility compared to modern lobstered plate. The surface are nigh perfect, giving off a coppery shine as if dark flames moves constantly over it. When observed up close one can almost see the extremely tiny Era'thoran runes that constantly moves over it and which gives the illusion of flames.

For centuries magi and others have studied the artifact hoping to understand how it was made but all have failed as it has eluded even the brightest of minds.
The most peculiar about it isn't the material or the design of it but the intense effects it has on magic. Anyone who wears it have his internal magic siphoned by the gloves, as if it hungers for magical energies. If the wearer have too weak magical reserves he'll find himslef getting more and more fatigued until he loses consciousness, if weak enough his heart might even stop beating as if all life has been drained out of him. Thoguh the glove only siphoned magic up to a certain point until it is satisfied. A strong magi may wear it comfortably, only noticing a decrease in how fast his magic replenishes. The gain from this siphon of magic far outweights the loses as the wearer will find himself faster and more agile than before, capable of short term feats of strength he'd otherwise be unable to do. Though the more these newfound strengths are used the more magic are siphoned.

The glove have been damage or destroyed several times over the millennia but a skilled magi can, through a serious of magic commands, start an integral spellwork which will repair the glove to pristine conditions. Though the caster must be wary of the greatly increased siphon of magic of this spellwork. Many lesser magi have died while the glove have repaired itself, their magic quickly drained as if caught by a vampire.

The glove was last worn by the famous explorer Phineus Eickmann, who carried it for over a century. When he passed away it disappeared and haven't been seen since then.

Korath 08-25-2013 02:46 PM

Ur-Karan and Vol-Karan :

Ur-Karan and Vol-Karan (or Bloodedge and Frostedge) are too ancient skudra belonging to the Ssatarkis family ruling above Chazra, the Hold of the Alchemists. The two skudra were created 8500 years ago when the City was created as a mean to protect the western frontiers of Kaarad; they are made of bronze and ralkish leather finely crafted, and where major runes have been carved.

They are among the most feared weapons of Kaarad, for Ur-Karan has a Major Rune of Strength, a Major Rune of Soul-Thief and a Minor Rune of Fury, while Vol-Karan has a Major Rune of Quickness, a Major Rune Endurance and a Minor Rune of Horror. Furthermore, the two skudras are always covered in the most potent poisons that the Kaaradi posses, which mean that the smallest scratch is deadly in mere seconds.

Many Ssatarkis wielded the two weapons during the history of Kaarad, but as of today, the shame which scourge their family prevent them to use it, with the new Head of the Family swearing that Ur-Karan and Vol-Karan won't see a battle until his family is once again free from the political corruption created during the millennia long reign of the Turakas Family.

Ashendant 08-25-2013 08:07 PM

Birth of Shamald
The Birth of Shamald is an ancient black cauldron of the hermit god, Sehkra, containing an effervescent lime and purple fluid, created by the poison god, Zussimel. Zussimel filled this cauldron with the his essence and the essence of the hermit god in order to prove that good could come from their union, using the corpse of the Ascendant Antlion, the Blue Monarch, that Sehkra had hunted earlier and the blood of all poisonous creatures of Jebrak, he created Shamald the first of a race that would be named after him. Sehkra rejected this child and angrily rejected and dejected Zussimel forever. Distraught and in mourning Zussimel returned to his mother's home, abandoning his child and the cauldron to the desert.

This Cauldron would be found by the old empire in the biggest community of Shamaldians which were promptly enslaved. When Shamaldians drank this infinite fluid in the cauldron they would regain their youth and be cured of all ills, but when any other race drank it they would go a metamorphosis granting them a exceedingly durable exoskeleton, immunity to poison, poisonous claws and their flesh would taste deliciously. The Old empire used this to create mostly supersoldiers that granted them many victories trough Jebrakian Conquest, but during the Cataclysm of Rorolark this cauldron was lost. This same cauldron was later found in the Coven of Southern Witches and they used this together with many other items of divine origin to stir problem all throughout the Southern nations with their enslaved supersoldiers.

Opinions? Also why is nobody posting these on the wiki?

(I was going to use originally the word "seed" instead of "essence" but then I imagined a bunch of witches cackling maniacally while stirring god semen and that was too weird/funny)

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