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Originally Posted by Insane Guy of Doom View Post
In the BlizzCon demo, AU Velen mentions that he's afraid because he couldn't foresee the Iron Horde.

Since I'm still having some technical issues with BlizzPlanet, I might as well stop hoarding the lore from said demo.

Things progress just like the Shadowmoon Valley gameplay video WoW Insider showed, with the orc leader fleeing on his iron chimera mount. After that, Velen, Admiral Taylor, a gnome who you can't click on for some reason (and uses the old gnome model instead of the new one) and "Eryl" appear. "Eryl" looks identical and wears the same armor as Yrel, who appears earlier in the demo, so I think Eryl is just an older name for her that hasn't been fully changed.

Velen is worried by two things: he was unable to foresee the formation of the Iron Horde, and two, while they've broken the siege, Karabor's defensive shields are ruined and thus once the IH attacks again the temple will fall for sure. Velen says the only one who can repair the crystals which power the shields are their inventor, an artificer who lives at the nearby Teluuna Observatory.

The player heads to the observatory only to find it's been taken over by the Shadowmoon Clan, who have blanketed the entire area in this void mist stuff and there are void creatures (using the flesh beast model) everywhere. After fighting through the orcs and reaching the top of the observatory, you find the artificer and the other surviving draenei huddled together, channeling some sort of pillar of light around themselves to keep out the void. A few feet away is Ner'zhul, who's channeling some sort of spell on a female draenei named Ammi.

Yrel/Eryl arrives and orders Ner'zhul to unhand the draenei captives, Ner'zhul agrees, saying he only needs Ammi and summons a void god before teleporting himself and Ammi away. The player has to fight the void god, once its dead Velen, Taylor and the others arrive.

The artificer was one of the survivors, and he goes off to repair Karabor's crystals. Yrel/Eryl says she must go after Ner'zhul and get her sister back, but Velen forbids her from going, saying that they need to focus on protecting Karabor and that he'll send out some vindicators to look for Ammi.

Yrel/Eryl then gives the players a quest where she says "my uncle has forbidden me to search for Ammi alone" and asks you to find a worgen, I can't remember his name, Kardien or something, who she doesn't trust, but believes is the only one who can find Ner'zhul and Ammi. That's as far as I got in the demo.
Interesting. Thanks for sharing. I guess we'll see how Yrel shapes up in-game. I do hope she ends up being an important figure for the Draenei. I love Velen, but the guy doesn't do jack. We need somebody who can put her hoof down and get work done.