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Default A Modest Demand from your local God Mod


Double posting is bad. Don't double post. Double posting will lead to terrible things happening to you. So don't freaking do it! Hell, I'll even create a nice little guide for you!

For those who want to delete their double posts and haven't read the FAQ or seen the big Deletion Options box above the posting box

You can delete posts! It's as simple as Editing a post, in the Deletion Options box above the posting box click the Delete Message bubble, now click the Delete this Message bar below the box and you're done! Now you have the proud ability to see better than Revrant.

When it is acceptable to Double Post

-To bump a topic that has been dead for a time. One week at least.

-To bring new, up to date information on a subject. Such as a Blizzard conference or forum game.

-When making plans or informing others about times or some such. Due to all the horrible NON-AWESOME AMERICANS on this forum timezones are an annoying bitch.

-Posting chapters in fanfic or fiction. Since posting for those is so low.

-If you're Site Staff or Elune since post count is pointless for us. Even then, I discourage it.

When not to Double Post
-To boost your post count because you're sick of a rank.

-When editing a post would work just as well.

-Replying to two different posters with short answers when one post would work just as well.

-To outspam someone else.

-To piss me off. Which all double posting does.

REMEMBER! Horrible consequences await those of defy me. I'm so seriously I even knocked my manthong thread down to sticky this.

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