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The Elves view of the the Xysticid varies wildly. The rural elves of the northern tundra consider them vile and unholy monsters, whereas the mountain nomads of the eastern fringes of the Eastern nations consider them exotic and beautiful thoguh that is influenced by their worship of a spider deity among other deities. The dead imperials considered them valuable crafters and were in love with their silks and designs. That view is the most common among the nobles of both the West and the East as most of them hold blood ties to the dead high caste of the Empire, even some claim royal blood ties. The East is overall more accepting of the Xysticid than the West.

The reclusive Magi that inhabit the skies above the Inner Sea are some of the most tolerant and would even welcome them. For a time until their use outweighs their inconvenient presence.

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