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More Lizard stuff.

Since they are always searching for useful traits that can be consumed, Rak'shari are very interested in studying other lifeforms as well as preserving them, since the extinction of a race would mean less possibly desirable traits and less variety within the world. The ultimate goal of these preservation is that the species in question rises up and becomes stronger not only to the point where they can exist without the help of the Rak'shari, but also where they pose a actual challenge or danger to them, so that they might gain mutations while fighting or consuming them, pushing the Rak'shari evolution ever forward.

As blood is sacred to them, the Rak'shari are disgusted by beings that do not have blood - like constructs or ghosts - or those whose blood has long stopped flowing - like undead.

Being firm believers in the natural strength of the inhabitants of the world, Rak'shari hate everything artificial - like industry and machinery.

Rak'shari are only given a name once they've experienced their first mutation.

Priests and Magic
Rak'shari Priests wield a variety of extremely potent and powerful magic, though their specialty lies within the manipulation of blood of allies and enemies alike. They may instill an insatiable thirst for blood in their allies, sending them into a wild frenzy, or make them significantly more durable or stronger by altering the characteristics of the blood. They may also call upon the blood and forcefully rip it out of the bodies of their enemies. Power over this lifeforce is a mighty tool indeed.

A Rak'shari Priest may also add some of his own sacred blood or that of multiple blood-sacrifices before he casts a spell to severely amplify it's power. The more blood or the more powerful blood he sacrifices, the more his spells are boosted in power.

A Beast-Blood is a Rak'shari who consumed the blood of a beast to form an everlasting bond between them. Once the link is established, the Rak'shari and his beast are inseparable. Often times one sees the Rak'shari begin to mutate and take on traits of his partnered beast. Should one of them perish, the survivor will go into a mindless frenzy and will not stop until it too perishes. These Beast-Bloods often take the field as the cavalry or air forces of the Rak'shari armies.

There are stories of Beast-Bloods bonding with more than one beast and essentially becoming a pack-leader of sorts. However, bonding with multiple beasts is a dangerous activity, as it may very well end up in the Beast-Blood losing his individuality and mind to the multiple beasts.

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