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So on this aspect I'm a little torn. I really like the concept in of itself but I'm not sure if this is a good/believable way to handle it. Thoughts and comments would be very much appreciated.

The Great Hunger
The Great Hunger for evolution and improvement is a basic desire for every Rak'shari. It is what drove them from being just another reptilian species to the rulers of their home continent. However, sometimes the Great Hunger overtakes the Rak'shari, or it mutated too much in a short period of time. The result the Rak'shari has lost it's sanity and is now nothing but a near mindless, savage beast, driven by an abyssal hunger that cannot be sated.

These Rak'shari are known as the Hungerers.

To be lost to the Great Hunger is possibly the worst fate that could befell a Rak'shari, as one loses almost all senses of self and individuality.They are imprisoned deep within the Temples of the Hungerer, guarded by an elite group of Rak'shari warriors and a single Priest. However, this is no ordinary Priest. By drinking the deeply tainted and corrupted blood of the Hungerers, this Priest may form a bond with the mindless Horde and exort some form of control over them, keeping them from tearing each other apart and destroying the temple (and the city) around them, or commanding them to fight their enemies. The Priest himself puts him in an immensely dangerous situation, as through the drinking and establishing a bond he is in the constant danger of also ending upconsumed by the madness and hunger of the Great Hunger. This risk is taken for a reason: their need for consumation has driven the Hungerers mad, but it also turned them into near perfect killing machines and quite possibly the strongest, most destructive force on the continent of the Rak'shari.

Almost all Rak'shari both fear and hate the Hungerers for their mindlessness and lack of self, however they neverless possess incredible strength and might due to their sole focus on consuming and evolving. Still, the opinion on them is split. The two most extreme ends are the ones who see them as the greatest threat there is to the Rak'shari way of life and that they represent everything they stand against, wanting to purify their race from the Great Hunger and eradicating everyone afflicted with it; and those who think the Hungerers represent the apex of Rak'shari evolution and advocate that the entire species should embrace the Great Hunger.

The current way of treating is somewhere in the middle. While incredibly dangerous, they're also very powerful and too useful to somply be killed off. As such they are sealed deep within the Temples of the Hunger and guarded by an elite group of Rak'shari warriors as well as a Hungerpriest, being watched over and only unleashed when times are truly desperate, for when this unstoppable wave of flesh, teeth and claws sweeps over the field, nothing remains.
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