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Ah, the Godking. The great enigma of the Western Alliance, claimed to be the chosen son of the Lord of Light. One of few outside of the Magi that lived before the fall of the Empire. The non-magi elves have a maximum lifespan of around 300 years yet he has lived for almost 400 years and he looks as healthy and fit as if younger than 100.

But more on the Godking at a later stage.

To understand the Eastern Hegemony and it's relations to the tribes and clans one has to understand Eastern history.
Some migrants left the emerging marshlands by braving the icy mountains to the south. Many died on the slim trails and narrow passes before they emerged in the lower mountains and highlands. There they found fertile valleys and they settled them. Some grew restless and this restlessness reached a majority of elves. They migrated south in many waves, leaving those that would become the culturally distinct highland tribes.

The southbound migrants came upon the riverlands, rich floodplains and
light forests. there they multiplied in large numbers and many cities and towns sprung up across the broad land between the sea and the ocean. These emerging city states waged wars upon each others as their numbers grew and competition soared. Some rose and fell from dominance, some allied against others and rivers of elven blood soaked the sand and dirt along the hundred rivers. Powerful trade lords emerged among the strife, benefiting immensely from the constant wars.
From the south west came the horse masters, swift raiders and plunderers who took all that they could. The forefathers of these horse masters had not settled in the riverlands but had continued on towards the plains and savanna in the south west. One minor group continued on even further and braved the immense cliffs that blocked the savanna from the great desert plateau.

After more than a thousand years of wars did one city state grow powerful enough to conquer, bully or dominate the others. This city state revered the Queen of Darkness above others, practicing a form of matriarchy. They made all other states kneel to them through violence, persuasion and political marriage. The trade lords pledged their allegiance if the matriarchs subdued the horse masters.
Great armies were gathered to break the horse masters. In the end, they too yielded to the city armies.
The Easterners had at the time not managed to reach the lands beyond the desert. They knew of the existence of the West by then as trade by ship had flourished over the last century. But this trade route were beset by corsairs and other pirating scum. They built their nests in the coastal pockets along the northern rim of the desert plateau. None had tried to reach the lands beyond the desert by ship as a tall sea cliff barred the way from the desert plateau all the way to the sky reaching mountains that bordered the West.

The East and the West would reach the lands in between their realms and the Hundred year war broke out.
Peace came when the matriarchs came to an accord with the High king that ruled the west. His clan and the clan of the matriarchs would join blood through a ritual marriage. All the males of the West would marry the females of the East and vice versa, creating a mix blooded clan that would rule all of elvenkind.
They were joined by the trade lords of the East and by the banks and merchant guilds of the West, birthing the Empire.
The leader of the mixed clan would be known as the Shah, taking a turn towards patriarchy over matriarchy. They only allowed marriage with other members of the mega clan, considering themselves divine thus unfit to mix with the blood of the lowborn.

They would all perish in the Lokusi invasion, with the last known member being the general that defended the East from the Lokusi. A person of great legend, commonly called the "Last True Shah". His final battle lead him and the King of the End of the desert elves into the heart of the lokusi hives near the imperial capital where they slew one of the three queens that lead the Lokusi swarms before the Lokusi ate them alive.

But, there would be those that claimed divine blood. An exile descendant of the imperial clan would emerge from the chaos and conquer the old capital of the Matriarchs, seeking to restore it's power as the Eastern Hegemony. Calling himself the Shah-in-Exile, he and his children would see it as their birth right to reclaim the imperial lands and gain lordship over the East and the West.

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