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Originally Posted by Anansi View Post
Not too shabby. Scale should probably be adjusted a tad, and the shape of some continents is still a little too regular, but a perfectly acceptable draft.

Didn't Aneurysm offer his services as cartographer? Let's get him back in here.


What's that bit about a Castle-State?


How do humans get along with the Grutharin races? Do Grutharins have much contact with the world outside Gruthar? Does anyone besides the Lokusi eat people?


I'm reevaluating the composition of xysticid Tribunals in preparation for the next scene. Consider the following and offer improvements:

Loremaster - Science and magic, history and philosophy

???master - Crafts and trades, engineering and technological applications

Spymaster - Intelligence and operations, hunting and defense

Some possibilities for master #2 I have considered include the following: Silkmaster, Webmaster, Guildmaster, Taskmaster. I am not fully satisfied with any of them.
He did! I sent a copy of the draft to him and he said he'll work on it and post progress updates over time to get feedback while he goes.


Merulos is technically a merchant City-state based on the ruins but it's called the Castle state because it's a single, enormous, ancient megastructure sitting in the middle of the ocean and possibly dipping deeper into the seafloor. No one's quite sure because many of the lower levels are flooded.

The entire thing is made of enormous stone blocks and clearly designed for denizens of a variety of heights, the smallest fixtures being around 2-3ft tall with the largest being designed for beings easily 80-90ft tall, it's a marvel of architecture and engineering as it seems intended to allow such beings to live alongside each other without anyone accidentally crushing anyone else, though many sections of the castle are obviously geared more towards one size than another.

The sheer immensity of it seems impossible given that it's bigger than some islands, but it's there. (Though final size will probably be toned down a bit in scale to the proper continents)


Loremaster seems a bit subjective for a society focused on Truth. Some kind of chronicler or archivist or memory-based title might work.

Webmaster would work if it didn't bring to mind pictures of hollywood computer hacking.

Spymaster works but it's a tad plain for spiderpeople, something drawing on their number of eyes or ability to sense things along webs might work better.
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