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Orb of Lightning More Fun Facts About Xysticids

Istos is effectively the eye of an enormous, dense (storm?)cloud. This cloud of impenetrable fog (and sporadic storms?) seems to wander about the ocean, but Istos always remains at its center.

The stars above Istos, however, are not what any astronomer would expect to find there. They do not match what would be visible at the seasons and latitudes of the outside world. They might not even match any constellations visible from anywhere else on Solthris, but I haven't settled that yet.

It is possible, with a bit of geometry, ingenuity, and patience, to navigate successfully from Istos, but a more common method of escape is to simply reenter the fog and hope for the best.

Outsiders who linger on the shores of Istos are eventually invited into the parlors of the locals.


Xysticids have eight eyes, eight long limbs, and, to hear them tell it, eight souls as well. It's unclear exactly how this works, but it seems to be related to their pursuit of the dancing god's name.


Sometimes the Tribunals of Istos deem certain xysticids too great a threat to the community to remain at large. Though rare, the sentence of excommunication is typically passed by cannibalization.


To knowingly and deliberately mislead another xysticid from the truth is a crime that could almost be compared to how we view rape. It isn't punishable by cannibalization, but the local Tribunal is unlikely to care much for the safety of any xysticid who intentionally deceives another. Such degenerates are often ambushed and killed by others in their community, in a grisly display of vigilante anger.
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