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Originally Posted by Mutterscrawl View Post
Makes sense, nice overview of the geography too. To clarify, is it just the desert elves that have white hair or is it all eastern elves?
Only the desert elves have white hair among all their members. Why this is, is mostly speculation. The first ancestors of the desert elves possessed gifts in foresight and rumors says they saw their own end and thus their hair turned white from that realisation. Despite seeing their own future end they still migrated to the sands and it's thanks to them the East survived. The sacrifice of the desert elves on the sands against the Lokusi is too great to bear for anyone. Without their tens of thousands of Sandcrawler cavalry pushing back the first waves of Lokusi then the elves would've failed to construct defenses in the plains. In the end they all died and their promised King of the End died slaying a great lokusi queen.
Though rumors speak of sightings of mounted Sandcrawlers in the distant sandy haze by the rare few that dares to travel there.

The Sandcrawler lizard is a four legged large lizard that can easily carry two riders, it's a native of the sands and thrives there, being faster than any other domesticated mounts on the hot sands.

I know a lot was lost in the elves original battles with the Lokusi but how much magic is used in their daily lives, is it the high magic of Dalaran/Silvermoon in some places or is it more like the average citizen knows a few cantrips or what?
Though the elves have a certain inborn gift for magic, this only result in there being born more gifted with the ability to control magic, not all of them being able to. Some lightly gifted elf might learn how to lit a campfire with a simple cantrip but that's the limit.
In the days before the empire, magic were taught and controlled by the various powers of the East and the West. The empire concentrated the study and teachings of magics in Roshanapolis, which lead to the elves losing much of their most advanced magics with the lokusi arrival besides that which is kept by the Elven Magi in the sky. The East and the West has tried to rebuild their own schools of magic but the Elven Magi likes their monopoly, they seek out those talented and tries to bring them to their sky islands.

Hmm, the west being the trade power would have them traveling to the south or past the east a lot to get access to most of their partners... unless we stick some folks in the northern part of Gruthar away from the Dominion and past the stormveil mountains (which is good,I'd been considering having the storms be a localized thing in the mountains that the opposite side can't get past either), but even then traveling south from the western Ourothris* would take them through a lot of Lokusi infested islands, less so but still dangerous to a degree if they have sky-ships of some sort.
The elven trade fleets, first by sea and then later and partially by air did travel in all directions seeking lands to map and partners to trade goods, knowledge and information with.
They rarely set up any permanent settings, preferring to keep small trade posts with the blessings of the locals.
The northwest bound fleets travelled around the western continent to trade along it's western shores and further west and south.
The southwest bound fleets probably traded with your pre-dominion orcs and goblins though how much is up to you.
The southwest trade died completely with the Lokusi and now they move on that route only occasionally and then only far from the coast.

Only the elven Magi know how to construct larger sky vessels. Of the once moderately large fleet of
large imperial sky vessels, only three remain in non-magi hands. One is held by remnants of the imperial legions that defended the west. Their base of operations lies on the by a range of tall mountains that shoot into the sky right by the sea. That base is half built into the mountainside and were not far from the final river front-line against the Lokusi.
The second lies in merchant hands, serving as the capital trade ship of the Devosce Merchant Republic.
The third is owned by the Shahes-in-Exile.
The carcasses of several large sky vessels can be seen in the sands around the ruins of the only city of the desert, right next to the eastern entrance up the steep cliff side.

Dominion Expedition Update:
The Dominion folks in Ourothris, since they landed in the red area, have probably not seen any elves but have seen more than enough Lokusi to know it's a dangerous place, probably lost quite a few crewmembers finding a safe niche to hide out in, they're going to ready the ships to head back to the Dominion now that they've got their bearings and report.

Both groups of other ships on the east and west have passed the inlets/estuaries on the sides of the continent, no one's seen those areas form this end and they're still pretty clogged with Lokusi hives but it lets them know a bit more about the overall geography and they can match it up with glimpses their forces caught of them from the other end when attacking Lokusi. Currently they're continuing down the south end of the continent and will meet at its southern tip if all else goes well.
They might encounter Western ships among the islands in the west. They do sail those waters to keep an eye on Lokusi movements.
The part where the cliffs of the desert meets the sea and next to the mountainous region bordering the savanna in the south there lies a functioning harbour for Eastern ships. This harbour was built when the East began to explore the future imperial lands.

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