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Originally Posted by Mutterscrawl View Post
Gonna need some Clock Roaches in here if this keeps up.

EDIT: The undead concept is neat though, but what happened to the elves and dwarves in that case?
You mean when experimented on?

The initial experimentation was done to try and make it so soldiers could coordinate perfectly, increasing efficiency and eventually leave the bubble to conquer all. The experiments failed, so plans changed, or at least were delayed.

Dwarves and Elves getting that would be detrimental.

The Undead were eventually used as a means of population control, as a way to stop people using forests and lands as hideouts during rebellions. With most of them being relatively low intellect, they werent a threat to population centers that mattered, and they were hungry enough to hunt out rebels and bandits. Transportation between cities were maintained by military to stop mishaps along routes.

I imagined the time bubble to be fairly large. A kingdom, with villages, lots of land, enough resources to grow or expand if needed or wanted.

In actuality, because of the time shennanigans, theyve actually not advanced that much. No innovation, you see.

I have a lot of shanty towns imagined, lots of dirty and poor while the elite harvested power.
Fucking Epic :X

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