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Originally Posted by Gromak View Post
I think you took "rulers" a bit too literal. They were more like mad, yet very intelligent predators that happened to wield god-like powers and where therefore the top of the food chain.
Ah, still works pretty well even if they're animalistic

Thoughts? I wouldn't say this is set-in-stone yet but I feel it's a good foundation for early history.
DRAGONS: And a bit of early history

Dragons were among the first denizens of the world, and lived amidst the other primordial and elemental beings of monstrous size and shape that ruled before the coming of the gods. They were towering reptilian creatures with myriad forms, and could grow to such size that they rivaled mountains and churned the sea with their movements in the early days of the world.

Exact records and many faiths differ as to the time and cause, but in the distant past war erupted amongst the primordials, early gods, demons, and other beings. Though no mortals yet existed, the tales of the divine and other ancients describe a conflict on a scale scarcely imaginable in modern times. Mountains crushed into deserts, seas turned to bubbling tar, skies choked with flame and glass as stars fell. Indeed it is said the world once had a second moon, but legends say it was sent crashing into the world by the scale of the conflict.

The war raged for eons, but its end came most harshly to the dragons. Exactly what happened is hotly debated amongst the historians of the world, none can tell for certain whether it was the early fey, one amongst the gods, vengeful demons, or even one of the starhorrors or other beings from beyond the world that struckā€¦ but just as a great number of flights and draconic broods assembled to speak with each other, a great light went up in the sky above them, its gold and violet rays bathing nearly every member of the assembled dragons with its energiesā€¦ and causing them to fall into bestial infighting. It is said the gods saw the battle from afar and wept, for however terrible their foes were, none had deserved to be struck idiot and made mere beasts, gone was the majestic cunning and pride of so many of these ancient creatures, the intellect that once wielded their magic so instinctively lashed out wild and chaotic. Storms and volcanoes rising as they tore at each other and the very land upon which they stood broke apart, scattering them across the world as their energies and lifeblood spilled from them, soaking into the land, transforming many of its plants and animals, as well as empowering the enormous elemental beings known as the Fomori.

In the wake of such devastation and rebirth, the grand battles at last came to an end, many beings retreating from the wrecked and ruined world to take shelter in their own domains or the corners of the world they had carved out and conquered during the war. The dragons that had not been present attempted to gather and mend their kin, while others retreated from the world entirely, but their power had forever been broken.

As the ages passed, some dragons regained portions of their intellect, and power, settling in isolated areas of the world and beginning anew, each a nation unto themselves despite their faded power as they pursue their own agendas.

Others degenerated further and became mere beasts, violent, and with half-remembered holdovers of their ancient desires and magics, leaving them still cunning and exceptionally dangerous.

Many gods, fey, and others sought to mend the damage they had done, and created many new forms of servants, as well as the first of the mortal races, to populate and care for the world. These mortals would eventually overthrow the last of the primordials with their aid, delivering the world into the age of the gods and then come to inherit the world as the gods grew more distant, realizing the frailty of the material realm, and becoming content to let their followers and other mortals act in their stead, with their guidance.
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