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@Yaska: Sure, I can work with that. I'll update my post with the info to fit better with the stuff you've established.

On the point about trade, that would most likely only happen on a rather small scale, as there's only a single city-state worth of nymphs that aren't openly hostile to strangers. Or rather the fact that there's literally only one location from which all products that may be exported actually can be exported creates a somewhat of a pretty notable bottleneck effect on the trading.

I also wrote this little thing.

Hierachical Castes in Nymph Society
The nymph's tribal society is based on a hierarchy of different castes, with different roles. It's not feudalism at all, I swear.

The Hycetes, the ruling caste. Hycetes are positions given to individual nymphs through votes (only female nymphs are eligible to vote, but males may be voted for as candidates). Each and every tribe can be governed differently, some are ruled by a singular Hycetis, and some by councils of Hycetes. Generally each mandate period lasts a hundred years.
The Pnévtes, the priest caste. Pnévtes are the spiritual guides in nymph society, the highly-trained rune scribes and magicians. Being regarded as wise and knowledgable, most Hycetes elected throughout history have been of the Pnévtes caste originally. The Pnévtes are primarily made up of female nymphs. There are many different types of nymph priests and magicians, among them the Theramákes (healer priests, pain-easing, wound-mending, etc), and the Fésipes (faerie druid, communicating with the inspectoid faeries, fey creatues, ents, etc.).
The Pálites, the warrior caste. Pálites make up the fighting forces of nymph tribes. Male Pálites, the Tsekes, are the infantry forces of the nymphs, and specialize in fighting with axe or spear. A female Pálitis, a Simanis, is most often trained in offensive and defensive magics, and are more akin to the Pnévtes caste in the societal hierarchy, and they make up small units of magically-trained combatants.
The Xorikes, the working caste. Xorikes are the farmers, the builders, and the hunters in nymph society. They are the most numerous, primarily male, and rank the lowest on the hierarchical ladder. Filthy peasants. /spit
As I guess is pretty evident the Nymph's language is pretty much just me using Google, typing in words to see what the Greek translation of it is, and changing it up a little bit. I hope it'll fly with the rest of you guys.

EDIT: There also this. Are all borders correctly visualized? Mostly thinking around Northern Gruthar, and around the elven territories, where the lines on the reference I was using got a bit overlapping and somewhat incomprehensive. Do tell and I'll have it fixed by the next update.

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