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@Yask and Anansi

I'll try to get something worked up later this week but yeah I'm feeling a bit run down from a mix of work and trouble sleeping so progress will be a tad slower.

Lokusi Bleakhorn sketch I commissioned, came out a little more antlike than I originally pictured but it gives a decent enough start for the baseline Lokusi. Having a Devourer one made as well, maaaybe a Queen.



Just realized the past week's been so busy I didn't set up a weekly topic! Well it's a bit late but for the sake of it, I'd like to put one down.

How does your society relax? Organized sports? Gladitorial combat? Artistic performances like theater or opera? How's recreational drug use viewed? Gambling?

For the Dominion...

Ceremonial combat is popular with all members of the Dominion but especially among the orcs. Killing and serious injury are forbidden to avoid reducing combat strength. Combat with animals against the gladiators, or purely between animals takes place as well, but is usually reserved for ceremonies because trained animals are valuable, though slime-battling is incredibly popular among goblins due to the ease in replacing them and the fact that the winning slime usually absorbs the strength of the loser.

At times the gladiatorial combat is combined with reenactments of great battles honoring great champions of the past, and there are also competitions organized by villages to compete in shows of strength and skill, such as breaking large stones or footraces.

Goblins and gremlins are well known as pranksters, popularizing the Dominion's variants of hide-and-go-seek and capture-the-flag, which are seen as good practice for children looking to be hunters or aiming for life in the military. Their slimeweavers and casters are also renowned for making other forms of entertainment as training for their apprentices, with variants of fireworks being a common viewing pleasure.

Hobgoblins are seen by most as culturally rather dour and not as passionate as most other members of the dominion, but they enjoy public marksmanship contests and are also popularizing saunas throughout the dominion though these are largely branded as a health benefit. With the Lokusi slowly being driven back, reading is also becoming a popular hobgoblin leisure activity, which is slowly spreading to Ogres as well, though at the moment most consider the material in the hobgoblins phamphlets a tad dry.

Ogres enjoy organizing parades to demonstrate the Dominion military's might and keep up morale, and at the Slate have some of the only members of society that pursue artistic endeavors through stonecarving, which is slowly causing whittling and carving to become more popular among other members of the Dominion.

Bogrin in particular enjoy carving ice and wood into various shapes around their villages, though these sometimes take on local significance as markers for travel or other uses. Bogrin and orcs sometimes perform sled races as well.

Gambling is relatively unknown in the Dominion outside of goblins and gremlins, as most other members put little faith in 'chance' or 'luck'. Drug use has been a constant undercurrent in the Dominion due to the sometimes bleak nature of the constant struggle against the Lokusi, though it has declined markedly in recent years it still lingers, most prominently amongst goblins, ogres, and orcs. Brothels exist in the largest of Dominion cities, but because there is relatively little taboo against casual sex and children can be taken in by Dominion officials to be raised, there's little demand to sustain them outside of the largest population centers or as parts of larger trade caravans.

A popular kind of 'boardgame' in the Dominion is 'Swarm and Stronghold', which is played with colored stones, one player taking the role of attacking Lokusi and the other playing as the defending Dominion. But it is generally seen as a game for the elderly due to its length and requisite patience (a game can go for months with no victor), although it's also popular among hobgoblins and members of all races stuck on guard duties in remote areas.
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