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Originally Posted by Mutterscrawl View Post
I'm after everyone's hearts.

Also, Post in the Solthris thread you bunch of eggs!

Race idea: Vukodlak

Origin: Nobody knows the true origin of the Vukodlak, but the one most widely believed by the Vukodlak themselves is that they were once a small tribe of primitive humans who made a desperate pact with a large eldritch wolf spirit to avoid utter extinction from the monster races they had been warring with. This pact came at an equally heavy price, however, as all the ancient gods they had once communed with had become silent to them and they slowly began to lose their sanity, devolving into mindless beasts. Their bodies started to contort into nightmarish features, fangs and claws, and they had begun to develop an affinity for shadow. Upon calling the wolf spirit again, he revealed to them that he wanted to convert the tribe into an army of mindless killing machines for his own bloodthirsty ambitions and that it was too late for them to go back on their pact. At the end of the hour, it seemed as if the tribe had traded extinction for something equally as horrifying, until one such member came to them and devised a plan. Since all of the ancient gods fell silent to the Vukodlak, they had to turn inward to find a way to defeat the eldritch wolf. They had found that when they slept, they could teleport to the same nightmare plane that the eldritch wolf resided in. It was there that another strange spirit called to them, one that looked similar to the eldritch wolf but much different. She had called herself the Dusk Mother, and told the Vukodlak that she could restore their sanity and grant them the strength to destroy the eldritch wolf, but all other ramifications of their pact would forever remain with them. With the power of the Dusk Mother they had killed the eldritch wolf in his sleep, but not before he imparted ominous words upon them. After waking up from the nightmare plane, the Vukodlak were finally sane but could no longer hear the voice of the Dusk Mother. At that point they had decided to take it upon themselves to forge a new destiny in the future without the aid of any gods or divine intervention.

Physical appearance: In their normal forms, Vukodlak resemble large Wolf Man-like humanoids. They stand at around 8 feet tall and have large protruding claw hands with wolf-ish legs. While they often have wolfish features, some Vukodlak develop features that resemble bats and jackals. There is a bright glow to their eyes, and the color usually ranges from orange to red, purple, green, yellow and blue. Their fur color are most often the same as that of wolves, though some are noted to be born with fur that is far blacker than the usual wolf, making them excellent spies and assassins. When they have fully become consumed by the beast, they take on far more of an animalistic appearance and grow even larger. This is a form that they try hardest to avoid succumbing to, as it leads to them killing everything in their path, even their own people.

The Curse: It was not an easy choice for the Vukodlak to decide to propagate rather than die out. While they had broken free from the Eldritch Wolf's dark ambitions, they were still forever tainted by his mark. Besides the threat of succumbing to mindless bloodlust, the Vukodlak are also consumed by a need to spill blood, to hunt, and to kill. Going too long without satisfying any of these will send any Vukodlak into insanity. The curse has also dimmed the moral understanding of the Vukodlaks, and their principles are about as understandable as nature is. Some are haunted by the murders they cause when they lose themselves, but others feel nothing and see it as merely part of the natural cycle. Vukodlak are also known to pay tenfold any wrong that they have suffered from, and an "eye for an eye" is a very strongly held code of conduct in their laws.

Magic: The curse has given the Vukodlak a natural affinity for the shadow, blood, poison, and nature schools of magic. Vukodlak have various secret societies and cults that explore the magic of the nightmare realm that all Vukodlak can tap into, whereas there are other cults that explore the gifts of nature that their curse has granted them a closeness to.

Architecture: While once tribal, the Vukodlak have advanced as a species over the countless years. Huts and tents have been discarded in favor of large, black buildings with pointed rooftops and smoke pillowing out of chimneys. Vukodlak influence on regions are known to cause the grass to darken and the trees to become more twisted and black. There is a sense of sophistication and savagery in Vukodlak civilization.
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