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It's midnight and I have two days off from work. time to write stuff!
Just realized the past week's been so busy I didn't set up a weekly topic! Well it's a bit late but for the sake of it, I'd like to put one down.

How does your society relax? Organized sports? Gladitorial combat? Artistic performances like theater or opera? How's recreational drug use viewed? Gambling?
Big topic! I'll begin with the Wood elves.

The northernmost elves spend most of their time surviving so much of their entertainment has been born from that. The youth like to challenge each others to daring acts of bravery, often with death as consequence. Those that has settled down spend their time around the hearth playing a wide range of simpler card games and such involving two to four players.

Their artists carve wood or sculpture stone. No wood is left untouched, turning their otherwise simple homes into works of art. It is not uncommon to find a cliff side in the woods that has been chiseled into strange patterns or retelling of great events.

Now for the southerners:
The Imperials lived a lofty and carefree life and this were reflected in their enjoyments. They had no want for food, such mundane things were provided for all Imperial citizens by the Imperial clan. Theaters and musical gatherings were common in the cityscape of the imperial lands, alongside sports in all shapes and types. Long travel merchants would bring with them customs from distant lands and people, always hoping to find the next big trend that would increase their wealth.
Most popular of all were the game called Swiftball. A fast paced team game which were insanely popular in imperial lands. Two teams compete to score a ball in a circular goal at each end of the playing field. you could move the ball with hands or feet but you couldn't continually hold it longer than three seconds. Tackles were allowed and encouraged, turning the game brutal at times. Injuries were common but excessive use of violence were punished.
Swiftball fields could be found everywhere as youths and adults alike played the game. The grand swiftball arena of the capital of Shahnazium (I'm removing the -polis and replaces it with -ium) were grand to behold, capable of holding a hundred thousand spectators.
These fields lay empty now among the ruins, bleak versions of their once lively past. The grand arena serves as residential chamber of one of the Great Queens of the Lokusi.

Recreational use of drugs and beverages were the norm, their use so common that it had started to be of concern for the elites right before the Lokusi came.

I'll write on the sports and such of the West and the East later.

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