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Originally Posted by Mutterscrawl View Post
All those look pretty cool, I still really like the Ritual War concept.

Have you had any more thoughts on the Rak'shari expanding or exploring to the western continent? (We still need to think of a name for that place... I'm thinking something Greek/Roman).
I did. My thoughts were that the Rak'shari expedition fleet would consist of a small, but quite elite force of soldiers, priests and the like. The main characters would be a Venomblood-Priest (a Rak'shari Venomancer with a very cobra-like appearance) and an Unseen One (a Warblood who evolved chameleon-like camouflage abilities and serve as a sort of elite scout/assassin).

They would then land and interact with the races and new environment - sometimes friendly (with the Anuran for example they'd probably get along quite well) and sometimes not (the primitve version of the cyclop race you mentioned). While they're exploring the continent, they'd witness the local Lokusi reforming and launching one of the worst assault on the native populations in decades. They'd help out the locals in their defense because they might want to colonize this continent and if everything being overrun with bugs would be quite detrimental to that effort. After initially only seeing the Lokusi as mere beasts or annoyances, they'd eventually realize the similarities between themselves and the Lokusi (most importantly, their ability to adapt and their ravenous hunger) and see them as a sort of warning what might become of them if the Rak'shari are not cautious and when their way of life is twisted and perverted. This would lead to them hating the Lokusi with a burning passion and them dedicating themselves fully towards their destruction.

That was my general idea of what the theme of the Rak'shari story would be.
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