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Okay, I'll be going into much more detail in a blizzplanet article when I get home, but basic summary:

-There are new districts in SW and Org. Called Stormwind/Orgrimmar Embassy.
-SW embassy is on the farm behind the Cathedral district where Celestine of the Harvest used to be.
-Org embassy has replaced the goblin slums.
-Both are made entirely of garrison assets except for one new building in SW that looks like a cross between a farmhouse and a barracks (I think its for warfronts).
-The main building has a meeting of all faction leaders.
-Alliance leaders: Anduin, Turalyon, Alleria, Tyrande (yes she is there), Muradin, Mekkatorque, Genn, Velen, Aysa, and Wrathion (not present in the Org embassy)
-Horde leaders: Sylvanas, Baine, Liadrin, Rokhan, Lor'themar, Gallywix, Saurfang, Eitrigg, Nathanos, and Ji Firepaw.
-Baine, Nathanos, and Saurfang all have new models. Baine's is amazing, it looks just like the loading screen art.
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