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I finally realized, that I haven't posted the condensed corrected timeline, based on Chronicles II, that I posted here, into this topic.

The Old Timeline, that I made back in 09, was based the book, comic, shortstory and ingame lore we had past then. However, I was never really fully satisfied with it, since I felt that things happend just too fast.

Here is the timeline according to Chronicles, which is imo. a big improvement.

13 BDP: Orgrim and Durotan become friends
12 BDP: Talgath finds Dreanor.
10 BDP: Kil'jaeden contacts Gul'dan
8 BDP: Gul'dan is accepted into the Shadowmoon Clan. Begins to manipulate Ner'zhul
8-7 BDP: Gul'dan + Kil'jaeden manipulate the orcs into a war against the Draenai. The Horde is formed.
7 BDP: Diplomatic approaches by the Draenei fail. Velen orders fortifiing of the major Draenei settlements.
Ner'zhul finds out that he has been tricked and is overthrown by Gul'dan.
6 BDP: Gul'dan meets with Blackhand to ally with him and ask him to become Warchief. First Blackrock Warlocks are trained. The Shadow Council is formed.
5 BDP: Blackhand officially becomes the First Warchief of the Horde
4 BDP: Blackhand starts major assaults against the Draenei. Karabor falls. Fel Magic starts to deeply affect Dreanor,
3 BDP: The Orcs drink Manneroth's blood. Shattrath falls, Auchindoun is destroyed. Kil'jaeden abandones Gul'dan.
2 BDP: Draenai survivors flee into Telredor, which has managed to stay hidden. The First Broken appear.
With the Dreanei defeated, Blackhand orders thee Horde, attacking the Primals/Breakers and the Arakoa. They conquer most of Dreanor, but the spread of Fel Magic more and more destroys Draenor Wild Life. On the brink of famine, the orcs begin to attack each other.
1 BDP: Medivh contacts Gul'dan.
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