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I would like to say this:


I went to the charity dinner, and it didn't begin too well. I was really scarred of being alone with a ton strangers, I was very nervous, sweating with anxiety even, just wandering around aimlessly. Then...

A guy walked up and he looked familiar but I thought it couldn't be, then he said "Hi, I'm Chris Metzen."

We talked a lot about the lore and writing, it was AWESOME, I also got to ask him a few questions and he gave me a few interesting spoilers, one of which has to do with either the next expansion or even the one after, but I asked if he wanted me to keep said spoilers to myself and Metzen said he would appreciate that.

I can say though, he said some of the Silverpine Forest quests are non-cannon, specifically the ones dealing with Ambermill. Apparently the guy in charge of writing the Silverpine quests didn't know the Kirin Tor was neutral so he said "Kirin Tor is definitely neutral, what's going on in Silverpine is a big snafu on the developer's part".

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