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I really think that the RPG books and various other Easter eggs gave enough to the pandaren to finish the fake RTS unit list. The high elves, naga, blood elves, draenei, and underworld minions (from the demo/custom campaign) all got separate tech-trees... sort of. And demons and goblins were cut. Why no pandas back then?

I will give my head canon unit list made from dubiously canon (but official) bits later.


The April Fools page talks about the Shodo-Pan hero, the Wardancer, the Pikeman, and the Geomancer. There all also three other units, one wears a robe, one is based on the furbolg, and one is shadowed.

In the game itself, there is the furbolg one called the Pandaren, the Pandaren Brewmaster, and a joke boss known as The Largest Panda Ever.

In the RPG, there are updates for the original classes and the brewmaster, but only two other pandaren units are ever talked about the Pandaren Transcendent and the Pandaren Runemaster.

The Pandaren Monk was added to WoW as a pet. Their existence was mentioned in the RPG, but only as an overall description of their society.

That is two heroes and 10 units, and that is stretching it. Giving them a worker, a vehicle, and two more hero units, I suppose that it is comparable to the other races. Maybe I can work something out.
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Okay. It is cool.

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It'd be nice if they actually finally gave us things they cut or under utilized 10 years ago.
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