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@Loreology Game says Ally re-took Gilneas. UVG says Horde re-took Gilneas. Which is correct? Who controls Gilneas
@killermonkey78 Abandoned. Per @DaveKosak "The Forsaken were holding it, but then were pushed out. The plague still remained, though."

Got one of my questions answered.

So evidently at some point, I'll presume after the BG- but I asked Sean if we have a time on that, Gilneas was abandoned.

So, I guess that after Crowley surrendered, the Alliance moved back in and kicked the Forsaken out again, I'll have to presume that his is the BG, so the Forsaken are fighting to retake what was there, they failed and the Alliance left shortly thereafter.

Which kills my theory that the reason why the worgen have been all but absent from MoP was that they were fighting in Gilneas, but this is clearly not the case, which makes their absence from even SoO that much more confusing.
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