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Default Help for Project 3

So Cantus suggested i should start a thread about this, so anyone that need or gives help with should post here

Here's my own

Emerald Dolls

Emerald Dolls exist primarily in the Emerald Dream through they appear on Azeroth near gates to the dream. They begin their lives as sole wanderers, but as they grow older they forsake their solitude for what resembles a civilization.

The most obvious feature of a Emerald Dolls is their pearl-like head and the 3 floating crystals orbiting around it. As they grow their face becomes carved with certain characteristics and they form a crystalline humanoid body around it's head.

They are eaters of dreams and as such they will find dreamers and steal memories which can be associated with what they are dreaming. This theft is often temporary (as the dreamer resynchronizes with their brains), independent of what happens to the resulting memory crystal. However their growth is entirely dependent on what memories they consume.

The 3 main themes of a memory are Growth, Strife and Lust.

A memory of Growth is a type of memory that's largely influenced the sapient being's personality. These memories have more immediate effects and will define the current personality of a Dolls. These memories are often extreme in nature and will often create a personality distant from its dreamer. After consumption, the old personality is completely erased in favour of the new personality and any long-term effect is that it provides nourishment.. As a consequence of this, Dolls have fickle personalities.

A memory of Strife is based around a conflict the dreamer faced, either from direct combat or observation. This type of memories add new abilities to the Doll from combat to crafting. These memories are gathered from what the dreamer saws others doing rather than what it actually knows. Because of this Dolls only have one offensive ability, as long as it orbits around its head, which can come from all types of creatures, a scratch done by a critter (Too common) to Deathwing's Cataclysm (Never happened, though it could). Once they consume the memory crystal they will remain as a passive variation of its original. For some reason crafting memories are considered as passive and will render the Doll defenceless until they have eaten the crafting memory.

A memory of Lust is a type of memory where the dreamer lusted for another individual. The difference between this memory and the others is that it doesn't provide any effect useless while orbiting their heads and only provide long-term effect by changing the appearance of the Doll after consumption.

Life Cycles
They have four known stages: Newborn, Child, Adolescent and Adult.

Newborn stage: They only have a featureless head as part of their bodies in this stage. To grow into the next stage they have to hunt for dreamers and their dream which have to correspond to 3 theme-specific memories. Their heads are around 20 cm large. As a Newborn they have no will of their own and instead move naturally to the whims of the Emerald Dream. That is until they find one of three memories required as these will be the most important for how they develop. However they are unable to consume them until they reach the Childhood stage. Once a Newborn obtains all three it will start collecting new memories and eat the old ones.

Child stage: Only when the Emerald Dolls reach this stage is when they begin to consume the memories they gather. Because of this the first facial features, similar to hairs and a face, will begin to appear. They will also begin to grow a crystalline spine. Their spines will usually grow to 30 cm. In this stage most of their behaviour will be of solitude, but with a will of their own, while hunting for memories to gain a more clear shape. They will end up looking like the memories of Lust they consume, like tusks from orcs to ears from night elfs.

Adolescent stage: In this stage their head and spines will finish growing. Instead they will begin to grow a ribcage, shoulder-pads and small stumps for arms and legs. This stage ends when they show the first signs of working joints in both the arms and legs. This stage is when their behavioural patterns begin to change into a more social standard. However they are not quite there and as such they tend to move around these "towns" without any clear purpose.

Adult stage: As the final stage (or at least what Green Dragons thinks it's their final stage) their arms and legs will continue to grow, while Fae-like wings and hands will appear. However they never grow feet and they always are permanently floating .However when they reach this stage is when they begin to behave like a society, fighting, talking and crafting items. But it's not a real society, it is a mockery of one, behaving much like children trying to enact a play. The fight are no more than a carefully choreographed dance. The speech is no more than rambling gibberish without any coherent thoughts behind it. And the results of their crafts will remain in storages and dumps never to be used. The only real benefit the Dolls seem to gain from these interactions is that they trade the memories that currently orbit their heads.

While they simulate sapient beings at this stage they aren't one, and the Green Dragons suspect that there is another far more dangerous stage which will be.


Dolls are a recent species, with their genesis strangely coinciding with the creation of Lycanthoth and Nemesis in Hyjal. Which leaves many suspecting they share a eldritch origin with dark ancients or that they are a accidental remnant of the magic that created the dark ancients.

However only recently have they started growing out of the Newborn stage, much like they were unable to collect all types of memories until the Battle of Theramore. From their birth they always had access to memories of Growth, suggesting that the births of the Dark Ancients are responsible for not only their birth but their ability to acquire them.

Memories of Strife started appearing around their heads sometime after the death of Deathwing. However the contents of these memories shows that the most probable reason was the gradual increase of pet battling for sport among adventurers.

However memories of Lust only started shortly before the battle of Theramoore. Although most don't know the reason, those that had their presence in that battle and survived suspect that it's somehow related to Jaina's sordid, and quite obvious, affair with the Blue Dragon Kalec.

Those that have probed the various types of memories can't find any discernible reason for such events to have such a uniform effect on all Emeralds Dolls, although the most daring say they have to do with acceptance of concepts by the general public.
Any opinions and suggestions are welcomed, also questions are welcomed since they help me think justifications and improve the entry as a whole.

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