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Originally Posted by Lord Grimtale View Post
Hm, I'm not sure how you can do a quest where you send Goblins to suffocate in an endless abyss and not see that as quite dark. Umbric is very polite and quick to apologize to the rest of the Alliance members, but otherwise we get up to some pretty ruthless stuff against the Horde that really shows what Void Elves are capable of.
All elves are ruthless. What I mean by "dark race" is one that that has questionable values. A lot of people were expecting the void elves to be these evil bastards that would taint the Alliance, but so far they do not seem like it.

While I do think Void Elves skirt closer to High Elves in personality, I do still think this campaign has made them unique from the other elves. Their methods and tactics are uniquely their own, and their powerset makes them a darker High Elf that's still markedly distinguishable from Blood Elves.
For now I'm judging only over pictures, so my opinion may change.

I actually like that they are being portrayed more like high elves than drow-like dark elves. But I'm still hoping for them to be fleshed out beyond just using the void as a weapon. What I mean by this is to get answers on if/how they create more void elves, who they are recruiting, what kind of teachings the newcomers get, how is their relationship with the high elves and so on. I'm want to see them as a race and not just a combat unit.

I'd say it's the good kind of failure where we don't succeed at something but still come away learning something new or cool. In this case, we did not stop Gallywix but we did learn about Void Elf tactics and still sabotaged one of his most important areas.
Sometimes I sound way more negative than I really am, so I'll list what I liked about it:

- Umbric's personality being fleshed out a bit
- Void elves doing something
- Yeah, it's a victory in the sense that we interrupted the goblin operations

My main complain lies in the decoy. I'd be far happier if some Horde character saved him at the last moment instead of Galliwyx just fooling us. I felt the way it was presented was a little contrived.

And yeah, Keeshan was handled really well in this campaign, did not feel like a complete joke character at all. Overall this was an impressive campaign that took me by surprise with how good it was.
I agree. My opinion on the campaign is very positive so far. Various races participating, characters getting small shining moments, interaction between races, getting to know Umbric better. While far for perfect, I think it has been a pleasant surprise.
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