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Originally Posted by Lord Grimtale View Post
Yeah, except the night elves were never planned to be independent in WoW, the only difference is that during their early conceptualization (1999), they were planned to be Horde affiliated, which is why their first concepts had them really savage, using axes, and having spirit animals including wolves.

Originally Posted by Lord Grimtale View Post
When they decided to change soft factions to hard factions (making races unable to play together, communicate, the NPCs being always hostile), they decided to change their plans for the playable undead (from the Scourge which was to be an independent race to the newly conceptualized Forsaken) and make them Horde. To balance things out and to give the Alliance at least one race in Kalimdor (somewhat necessary with the new system, or so they thought), they switched the night elves to the Alliance. This happened sometime in 2002, after being inspired by Dark Age of Camelot and its faction system, ie during Warcraft III's beta. To reflect the change, they removed much of the tribalism and savagery the night elves had in their earlier concepts and during Warcraft III's alpha, though some remained.

That's why there are three different iterations of the Kaldorei that differ so vastly. The first one was from the time when they were planned to be Horde, being much more tribal and savage, the second iteration which was somewhere in between and was from the time where they decided to give them to the Alliance but did not have enough time to change everything, and the iteration we know from World of Warcraft.
Citation needed for much of this. Doesn't address the problem with Alliance Night Elves either (being weakened so that Humans can be the ones who save the say).
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