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Originally Posted by Quirnheim View Post
Ahh back to the ol' Wait and See bullshit from Cataclysm eh, IGOD?

The Horde get to blow up an entire fleet, steal a tide-artifact and steal the corpse of Jaina's brother, who they will probably raise as a dick-waving Forsaken after 3 seconds of being un-dead, like the rest of the NPC's they have.

The Alliance blow up one ship and spend time with pop culture references in John Keeshan.

Take the rose colored glasses off, man. Just because Blizzard Sempai noticed you doesn't mean you have to parrot and defend their crap as "wait and see"
I wasn't responding to you, if I were trying to refute your comment I would have quoted you. I've been interested in trying to figure out what the purpose of "Zuldazar Raid 8.1" would be since WoWhead first datamined it, as all the enemy characters in Zandalar are killed in Uldir. This was just me announcing that I think, based on that line, I've figured out what it could be about.

To actually reply to your original post, while it does seem a bit lack luster compared to the Horde one, you are overlooking the fact that they plant bombs on all of Zandalari flagships. While we see only one blow up, it appears to be a case of Blizzard poorly showing what they told, that were blew up more than that.
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