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Mana in my setting is basically just sentient superpower-granting radiation.

For my own stuff, mana is the raw form of Creation itself--the tormented and tortured souls of a dead timeline, melded together with everything else that ever existed there, into a horrifying weightless mass of potential with a 'will' of its own that knows only the primal urge to sustain and propagate its own existence.

And the man who created it by damning his home timeline to oblivion enforced all the traditional rules on its use by asserting his will upon it first, so that nobody could ever control the whole thing to use against him.

He tore the mana apart into three different types that repelled each other, and left it hidden away in the reality of that dead timeline for someone to eventually find by means of discovering the tiny rift in reality that led there.

And when it was eventually discovered and flooded the world, the three different types of mana irradiated everything they touched to try and 'procreate'.

One type mutated special organs within living creatures, organs that turned the body's own energy into itself.

The second type, much larger than the other two, flooded the planet and effectively irradiated everything that wasn't alive.

And the third, with nothing left to infect, gravitated to living beings and floated around in the air around them--and the more people there were in close proximity to each other, the more of itself it could create.

The rules mana's creator made immutable scientific law about it were born of his desire to turn the world into the fantasy world he'd always wanted--and the more people learned about those rules through their own scientific experimentation, the more solidified they became.

They called the type that followed them around Divine mana, for its first known use was in willing minor injuries to be healed, and enough people called it a miracle that it became so.

They called the type that flooded the land Elemental mana, for it seemed to be the energy of the earth, sea and sky themselves, and fire was so crucial to humanity's evolution that it, too, became an element in their eyes.

Mana's creator's own knowledge of fantasy tropes and the cardinal elements made that a certainty anyway.

And they called the type that flooded their bodies Arcane mana, for it seemed to be the manifestation of their own individual wills, and its first known use was in suppressing the will of another person.

Basically, some guy acquired godlike powers and used them to reshape reality into his own D&D knockoff, then other people thought 'being a wizard would be fucking awesome' and accidentally ensured wizards existed as a result.
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