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I want to give feedback on the other ideas so far too, but I just don't have too much time, and answering to questions already takes a lot of effort. Long elaborate answers later on, I promise!

Originally Posted by Anansi View Post
Lot of stuff
Don't want to get into a quote hell, so I'll address each thing point by point, in the same order:

-Life is more like Flesh, or organic matter. So the 4 elements are: Earth, Water, Wind, and Flesh. They also mirror the different states of matter: Hard Solid, Liquid, Gas and Plasma, and Soft Solid; not very accurately, but you get the idea.

-That's a typo, mechanics is supposed to be "C. Earth". All the names are not final in any way, just indicative of what to expect in general terms. Mechanics usually deals with machines, industry, etc. A mechanics user would look like the archetypic combat engineer.

-I was talking about thunder as the energy involved, not the actual effects. I refer to lightning bolts and balls.

-There can be a possession of different items, but in the end it's just control of the air from a spirit-form magic user.

-In my setting anyone can, with practice, control the elements through the 8 forces. Everyone has a soul, which produces inner energy just like an organic body produces heat. This energy can be used to spark reactions, and hosts can direct it at will. Of course, you need practice to craft that spark into the different basic effects. Kinda like a lighter, but you can aim the spark and make it take a specific shape by how you produce it, the shape determining the effect. Movement of hands and body help shape said spark.

-The "x beats y" model is only present at the "balance of the world". As I said before, in an actual fight it doesn't matter, because anything can beat anything. Fire can boil water no matter the state it's in. This balance is for categorizing purposes only, and for how the natural world works. Sentient races and their magic users are outside the natural cycle.

-Not in my setting. Warriors can't break a wall with their own hands just because strength. There must be magic somewhere. They might focus their magic on inner body boosts instead of projectiles, but it's still magic.

-Light pink is ugh. I only see pink working with Psychic, night being purple. Some kind of chromatic relationships would be nice, but might end up being maddening.

-No idea about Mardek, guess it's a forum fanfic? Give a summary of whatever you're referencing too please!

-Electricity is just a name. The elemental force itself is indeed electromagnetism, in opposition to the gravitational forces of Psychic. Electricity users use wind together with sand, and electrify it, creating electromagnetic fields. Also they can control and direct electricity where they want to unnaturally. If they cast a lightning, it will jump wherever they want no matter logic principles.

-I'm not trying to make something overcomplicated, just to get something that makes sense in the bigger picture.

-Answered above I think.

-Skeletons don't have joints. Invisible magical strings don't exist here, it's one of the main things I'm fighting against. All magic is based on scientific reactions. A Psychic user could make the skeleton walk and whatever, as long as he's focusing, but once he breaks the connection it would crumble. You need real strings, like vines. As for minions, they can be imbued with a basic "presence" of the summoner's mind, and keep existing as long as there's a stable source of energy for them to feed off.

-Psychics can manipulate time and space (without going too wild). Portals exist, but they're massive structures with lot of energy required to activate. Short-range teleportation is a basic Psychic skill too. A skilled psychic can teleport a whole group, as long as he has a link to the destination. These links are created using special energy crystals, which work like beacons the psychics can detect. Psychics have the ability to zoom out and see the world from outside. They can also communicate with other psychics at long distances, like radio frequencies but with their mind. As for other worlds, there aren't worlds like in magic worlds, but worlds as in planets. I don't have specific plans for the setting regarding this, but still, I would probably prefer a single planet and a few moons, with minor impact in the main setting.

-Users can use the energy to summon a fireball, or to ignite their own bodies. Advanced users can apply these transformations in a way they don't need energy to keep them active, by just changing their body. Quickest example would be a nature user getting bark skin by just fusing plants to his body, or any of both earth users growing stone hide.

-Biological survey in what sense?

-Yes, there's no "afterworld". You just die, but part of you remains. This part of you is not sentient, it's like an interactive video. You can make questions and talk, but there's many limits. The other smaller versions not created by death work the same way, but with many more limits. Think of the old graphic adventure games where you had to type what you wanted to do, and most of the times there was no answer. Classic spirits are like this, then there's users that transcended into spirit-like forms after heavy transformations, but they are not dead and work like any other living being.

Don't worry about going too hard or whatever. Some things need good questions in order to be explained properly, so it really helps!

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