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Oof yeah, that's part of why I like the Giant in the Playground forums, they auto-save.

Saved my life last night when I was getting this nonsense out of my skull.


Reminder for Yask to continue if he cares to, but I also had a thought today.

I like worldsettings where the monstrous races aren't just always-chaotic-evil cannonfodder, but it'd still be nice to have that dynamic present in some form, but who would fill the role? WoW used centaur and quillboar but I've never been completely happy with their implementation either.

And then it hit me, I could solve the problem by combining it with another thought I'd had, of the whole 'ancient evil gods' thing not being some ancient secret but a fact of life.

And so, there are outcroppings of cockroach, mosquito, locust, and radioactive tumor-creatures scattered across the world that occupy a niche between sentient race and 'literally a plague'. Behaving somewhat animalistically at times but periodically coordinated by ancient evil monstrosities.
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