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Originally Posted by Anansi View Post
A world where the center of gravity lies somewhere below a sheer and endless cliff. The sun rises and sets horizontally rather than vertically. At night stars glimmer above and below. Built into the cliff face are dwellings, villages, and even some overhanging lips of fertile soil and running water, falling endlessly into mist. Clouds pass by, spilling water over the rock face in terrifyingly sudden downpours. There is no end to the cliff in either the east or the west, and if it has a peak it is so far above the dwellings of mankind that none has ever seen it. Into the cliff are dug innumerable horizontal mine shafts and expansive cities, lit by fungus and crystal. Air pressure is not a problem here, only ventilation. There seems to be no end to the world in this direction, either.
This sounds fascinating but I feel like I need a visual aid, I can sorta picture what you mean but when I try to visualize it my brain keeps trying to just picture like native american cliffdwellers or that one upside-down cliff temple in avatar.
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