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Originally Posted by C9H20 View Post
Two things.

One, that the undead are unable to feel positive emotions is Fojar fanon.

Two, how can you know how ancient dead feel about raising? Maybe they are suffering in hell and would jump out the grave for a chance of "living" again.
Ultimately what is important is that no one is killed, weather or not a spell is devised to ask permission of those ancient dead about to be raised is just another layer of complexity to the story.

Though I'll also add that the immense moralizing you do is both stupid and unnecessary. I do not give a flying fuck about the fate of fictional humans, being all outraged over it is ridiculous. Raising ancient dead may be questionable from an in-game moral standpoint, but Azeroth is a world with many horrible dangers and convoluted politics. Long story short, it isn't a perfect world and you can't right every wrong.
If you'd read what I wrote you would have seen that I said 'new undead will almost never ever experience -anything- positive again.' Will almost never. That is backed up by the CDev statement. It is exceedingly rare for undead to feel positive/good feelings because the curse of undeath effectively severs those feelings from the undead being. This doesn't mean they can't, just that it is very rare for them to do so.

I am guessing that many of the dead would have gone onto a decent afterlife. They'd be damned resentful at being pulled away from that and stuck back in a rotting body to have a -second chance- at 'life'. If so it's a heavily stacked deck with fully half of their emotions more or less cut off. Even so, what gives the forsaken the right to raise the dead anyways? What makes it right? They they need to procreate? Why? What is so important that the forsaken have to spread what they KNOW is a curse to others?

The Horde has no justifiable reason to hurt their major foothold in the Eastern Kingdoms and an ally that has aided them for half a decade now (though Garrosh was certainly willing to do it, likely to claim it for the orcs). In the wake of Hellscream, doing something like this would be an especially large issue, as it's essentially what he's done to the Darkspear - alienate, subjugate, and attempt genocide upon them.

The Argent Crusade is open and accepting of all races and I cannot imagine that they want to genocide any group of sentient beings because of it. It would be very, very out of character and not "realistic" at all. The same can be said to a lesser extent for the Alliance, who would have to give up manpower to assault the Forsaken and wouldn't condone genocide any more than the Argent Crusade would.

The Cenarion Circle is a group of druids. Unless it's changing the land in a manner similar to an Old God or the Legion, they probably don't care and won't involve themselves in a factional dispute regardless. This is probably why Malfurion appears to not care about the war - the Circle is primarily affiliated with Azeroth.

The other problem with genocide as an option is its effect on the world's understanding of the faction. The Alliance "simply" opting for genocide sends a lot of bad messages world-round.

From the Horde's perspective, the Alliance would have demolished every single man and woman of a faction allied with them. They may not care about the Forsaken on a personal level (side note: I find it funny how no one else cares about the Forsaken, but Sylvanas has to care to lead them...), but they will see that the Alliance will not hesitate to hold every person in a faction, whether they be complicit in the actions taken by their government and military or not, will be held equally accountable.

Even if they believe the Forsaken deserved it, it sends the message that, if the Alliance ever finds another race to be inconvenient to them, they will wipe them off of the face of Azeroth without so much as a second thought. That's scary and fear, as we've all seen, leads to war as much as the hatred and anger to commit that sort of violence upon a population does.

It's a recipe for more war.
If the forsaken's actions become more of a problem than they are worth, then you can bet the Horde would cut the forsaken loose in an instant. There comes a time when an ally's actions step over the line and become too much to tolerate. Right now, the only reason the forsaken are still with the Horde is because of game play. Real politics aside, Vol'jin would bitch slap Sylvanas hard enough her jaw lands in the Barrens when he finds out she wants to raise Alliance corpses. If the Horde wants real peace, it needs to STOP FUCKING WITH THE ALLIANCE BY DESECRATING THEIR DEAD! This is one of the biggest points. ALL Azerothian cultures find necromancy to be evil Even the trolls do. Alliance, Horde, neutral, it doesn't make any difference. They all find the practice abhorrent. Game play reasons make them alal more or less ignore it.

The Argents, Cenarion Circle, and the Horde have no problem about killing an enemy faction down to the last person. That's what they and we do as players to the NPC factions all the time. The Cult of the Damned, Twilight Cult, fel orcs, fel Horde, Burning Legion forces and so on, are -all- slaughtered to the last man and woman (rarely do you see a child with them). Why? Because leaving any alive is asking for more attacks. It is a regular practice to exterminate enemy groups because that is the sanest and smartest thing to do. Also because those groups are nothing more than a cancer on Azeroth and need to be lanced. The forsaken have pretty much reached that point by now.

Since classic WoW, the forsaken have been the one that has been unrelentingly hostile to the Alliance. It's been the forsaken that have been attacking Southshore and Hillsbrad. Those two settlements have been just trying to survive and have not been doing much if anything to attack the forsaken. If you look at the quests in Hillsbrad in classic, there might be 2 Alliance quests that have to attacking the forsaken and those were one forsaken guard at the western edge of the zone, and to reclaim a stolen crate at the broken tower between Southshore and Tarren Mills. While the forsaken gave out numerous quests that had the players killing dozens to hundreds of Alliance citizens.

I guarantee though, that if the forsaken continue, they will continue to be allowed to attack the Alliance with little if any retaliation. The forsaken need a slap down badly.

As for the Blight, it's not an 'I Win' button either. By now the Alliance should be developing countermeasures. They know about it and can plan for it. And widespread use of it would be guaranteed to get the Argents and CC coming down on the forsaken.
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