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Originally Posted by Kellick View Post
This is an interesting question, and one I've seen kicked around a few times.

They obviously aren't immune to the effects of fel energy in terms of its destructive capabilities, given that Vol'jin eventually succumbed to his injuries sustained at the Broken Shore (while that could theoretically be the effects of some hitherto unknown poison, that seems less likely, given what we know of Vol'jin's ability to survive even poisons meant to counteract Troll regeneration), we've never seen an example of Trolls mutated by the Fel.

It may be relevant to point out the example of Vula'jin the Void, who regenerated from having the majority of his body destroyed by shadowflame, with no mention of mutation or corruption. So we've a case of a Troll literally bathing in the stuff and coming out of it ostensibly unaffected, when you'd expect to come out the other end with glowing green eyes, at least.

But why? It's not impossible the same loa blessing which provides Trolls their regeneration may also grant them some form of resistance to the influence of Fel. The Night Elves' transformation from Dark Trolls might then be understood as possible given their abandonment of the Loa in favour of worshipping Elune, thus stripping them of their resistance to the transformative effects of the Well of Eternity.

Pure speculation, obviously, but I find that to be at least semi-plausible.
Is Shadowflame Fel? I thought it was like Black-Dragon flame or something.

Regardless I'm inclined to agree that Loa-regen gives a measure of protection but if a Troll willingly started using tons of fel magic or drank pit-lord blood that'd change, there just haven't been any trolls that've done that so far.
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