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When Lordaeron falls, where do all of the Forsaken go? If Blizzard wants the Eastern Kingdoms to be all Alliance, and Kalimdor to go all Horde, that means that the people of the fallen nations will have to go somewhere; and it also means that other nations will need to fall, too.

What do you do with the Forsaken?

Garrosh built a massive complex under Orgrimmar during MoP. Perhaps that will turn into Undercity 2.0? I always wondered what the Horde did with that space after Garrosh fell.

What will happen with the Blood Elves?

I’d have the Blood Elves rise Silvermoon into a floating city, making it a Blood Elf-Dalaran that floats above... Ashenvale maybe? Or it could be over the sea just outside of Orgrimmar. I don’t know. With the Blood Elves pushed from Quel’thalas, give it to Alleria and her Void Elves. Make it neo-Quel’thalas.

Where would I put the Draenei and Night Elves?

I don’t know about the Draenei, to be honest with you. However, When Lorderon is retaken, and, thanks to the in-game cinimatic, we know Stormgarde is as well, then I say Gilneas will be reclaimed also. With no Forsaken, it’s ripe for the re-taking. The Night Elves took Genn and the Worgen in, now is the time to repay the favor.
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