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Originally Posted by Temo View Post
Now, where are they reloating the Forsaken and Nelves? Considering the environments they come from and that creating new capital cities might not be a priority for them, while keeping them in the same continent their factions control, I think, if they plan to do something like that, the Forsaken will be dumped on Darkshore, and the Night Elves on Seradane/Twilight Grove.
Personally I hope they don't "relocate" them anywhere. So far, the information we have suggests that the Forsaken only lose Tirisfal - it was an amphibious landing after all and the Horde are able to get all the way to Arathi. Applying parity, the Night Elves should only lose Teldrassil - a city and a zone, whle continuing the fight out of Ashenvale, Darkshore, etc. (i.e. Their REAL home)

But the realist in me says "a teepee and a wigwam".
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