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the orcs have been living in arathi since the time of the second war, the forest trolls and blood elves live in lordaeron since before humans existed. clearly they have reasons to defend their homes
The only one of those groups that predate human settlement are the trolls, and they haven't controlled Arathi for 7000 years, and furthermore, the Alliance doesn't seem interested in Eastern Hinterlands or Zul'Aman. The ones who are the biggest threat to the forest trolls there are ironically the Blood Elves.

Alot of this comes back to the fact that the Horde's motivations in this war make no goddamn sense, in part because right now all we know is that one day Sylvanas decided to unilaterally start a war (or rather, expand the one she's personally been waging since Warcraft 3) with the Alliance that has, at the start of the expansion, gotten the Horde nearly expelled from the Eastern Kingdoms for no obvious gain aside from Teldrassil whose interest for the Horde doesn't go beyond strategic location. Yet Horde NPC's and characters, and I'm assuming the PC, have decided to fight the Alliance with a baffling degree of insane viciousness even though they don't have any clear reason to do so beyond the vague sense of immaterial grievance that seems to motivate the Horde constantly.

At the very least I'm pleased to see that the Alliance is finally, finally sick of all this bullshit from the Horde and doesn't seem to be messing around this time.
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You are right Fojar.
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You are right Fojar.
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