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Default Clerical Mistake

One moment you stand chained to a wooden platform in the middle of a plaza, the audience eagerly awaiting for the executioner's axe to separate your head from the rest of your body. The next you're crashing down to the forest's ground, the now-spherical remains of the wooden platform breaking beneath you. As you realize the chains no longer restrain you, your body begins to contort. It spasms violently as your thoughts dim and your senses grow dull.

You can hear a strange, yet familiar, murmuring in your head. You can't discern much from it, only that there six different voices and that you can only distinguish the word Miracle from the incomprehensible parts.

> You have been inflicted with 6 different ailments:
>>Curse of Weakness rank 10
>>Curse of Fevers rank 10
>>Curse of Amnesia rank 10
>>Curse of Disfigurement rank 10
>>Curse of Famine rank 10
>>Curse of Infirmity rank 10
>You've lost your memories and your classes and abilities have been locked.
>You've been blessed by ???, ???, ???, ???, ??? and ???.
>You've gained the class Favoured Soul and have learned 2 abilities:
>>Divine Protection rank 1
>>Unlocked Potential rank 1
>You've remembered the Miracle ability rank 2.
>You've gained a new Objective: Request your first Miracle.

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