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Originally Posted by Cacofonix View Post
I see your point. Maybe Kerrigan just shouldn't be a thing? Throw in Raynor for good measure. It's not like we'd have to follow her in this reboot since there are other Ghosts in the franchise as it is.
Canon preferred to focus on a small cast and give them unwarranted control over the fate of the universe. I don't believe that any particular cast should take precedence. The terran sector is unimaginably huge and could easily support any number of stories that don't intersect.

In terms of story structure, I prefer to focus on small scales like specific planets. The plot of the licensed expansions Insurrection and Retribution are examples of what I mean. The SC2 tutorial missions are another.

I said I would post a timeline before. Here is a brief timeline of the events leading up to and during the first contact war, which is the status quo of the setting.
  1. The Confederacy wages wars of aggression against their own colonies and neighbors. This sets up opposing interstellar nations like Kel-Morian Combine, Umojan Protectorate, Sons of Korhal and United Earth Directorate. The polities are much more complicated than in canon, consisting of power blocs composed of many nation-states.
  2. The zerg invade the sector after their deep space probes return data on the terrans’ utility, subtly at first due to terrans’ noted military capabilities. Because the terrans have engaged in rampant transhumanism, the zerg want to study their physiology and materials sciences to develop new weapons against the protoss. The terrans study the zerg vanguard in turn, with governments trying to keep the xenomorph’s presence secret. Frustration with terran resistance and fear of anti-zerg weapons provokes the zerg into launching a full-scale war, using the warp gates left over from the ancient protoss empire to bring reinforcements. However, protoss activity scares them into taking an extremely cautious stance toward following events, preventing them from immediately overwhelming the terrans.
  3. The protoss become involved after observing prior events on the fringe worlds and studying zerg’s deep space probes. An expedition was already dispatched to ascertain the threat and cleanse the sector of xenomorph presence if necessary. Many worlds, including Tarsonis and Earth, are glassed to prevent the infestation from growing. This kills many billions of innocents outright and leaves countless more displaced. Further genocide is prevented by an ethical conflict between one faction who considers the terrans forfeit and another who wishes to rescue them.
  4. The terrans’ stellar nations are in chaos. The Confederacy has fragmented severely due to rebellions and attacks by enemy states and rogue states. Koprulu system has reorganized under the Dominion, Mar Sara has declared independence, the KMC is trying to reclaim its former status, UED is trying to overthrow unjust governments, etc.

The backstory of the protoss is more or less the same, except that I made provisions to better integrate the tal'darim and purifiers, and to make the protoss independent from the xel'naga space magic. The tal'darim split off when Khas was reuniting the empire, while the purifiers have existed in some form since the aeon of strife. The first age protoss learned a lot from the xel'naga (and vice versa) and exceeded them in many ways, and as a result the historical record has a very fuzzy distinction between them. The modern protoss have been reverse engineering their ancestor's tech in addition to developing on their own, but they have yet to reach the heights of the first age.

Speaking of purifiers, a radical idea I wanted to implement was mind uploading and cloning. That is, the protoss' telepathic internet (khala? psi matrix?) allows them to preserve their minds within the network infrastructure powered by the psi matrix. After death (or even before, as memories may be uploaded at any point in life), an individual's personality may be downloaded into a clone, a cyborg or a wholly robotic shell. (According to beta previews, the dragoon was originally completely robotic.)

This is all just one possible idea for reboot, though. Mine is based on the premise of the 1998 manual. There are plenty of other possibilities. For example, maybe the terrans and protoss are galactic civilizations locked in a cold war until the zerg invade from beyond. That was the premise of Starcraft back in 1996 on the preview website.

Starcraft is a multiplayer game with three diverse races. The story is an afterthought as far as Blizzard is concerned. They don't put effort into maintaining continuity, as past experience with Warcraft shows.

The gist, I suppose, is recycling what is good about Starcraft lore while discarding the bad. Plot points in isolation seem fine enough, but Blizzard's execution leaves much to be desired.
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