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Originally Posted by Kellick View Post

On the one hand, French Canadians (Québec included) speak a Romance language, so you can make the claim that they're Latin Americans. On the other hand, the term Latino typically refers (perhaps erroneously, and therein lies the rub) to Spanish-speaking or descended persons, which (by and large) isn't a label which can be accurately pinned on French Canada.

I would hardly consider such a disagreement worth starting a fistfight, but I can understand why someone might feel that were mischaracterizing them.

Now, insisting the French Canadian were Québécois?
No one would argue that Brazilians aren't Latino, and they don't speak Spanish.

If Brazilians (who don't speak Spanish) count and Mexicans count (they're in North America) then the Quebecois should count. Haitians too.
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