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Originally Posted by Kir the Wizard View Post
I like it. Reconquering the EK from the Scourge would be an interesting expansion on its own, with the dwarves getting back their "new" old capital, and gnomes joining the fight. What about the elves, would you have them join in a EK expansion, or a Draenor one?
Gnomes would probably be the expansion race for Khaz Modan/Azeroth, though it could possibly be split up as Azeroth and then Khaz Modan. Blood elves would probably be an expansion race for the Lordaeron/Quel'thalas expansion. I would admittedly be undecided about the Forsaken. They could be a villainous race that have to be conquered or they could be a playable race kicked out by Varimathras and who are trying to reclaim their territory. I don't really care either way. The overarching point is that I may have expanded more lore and gameplay with less geographic space and races, and then gradually expand across the world of Azeroth one step at a time.
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