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Now that Davr has been softened with the teachings of the Four, the newly recruited army under General Parisot is hereby ordered to march south. Davr is to be approached and Parisot is to issue a declaration.

The aristocracy of this settlement are surely aware of the lower classes flocking to the banner of Ulmat Thondr. Ours is a message of hope. Immediate surrender is requested, or else, the missionaries will incite open rebellion while my army moves against the nobles of Davr.

In other words, my army moves against Davr giving the citizenship a choice.

Meanwhile, I would like to send emissaries to Lov and Von Dunja, using any tax income I get for the round to fund them. With the Patriarch of Von Dunja executed with the rising of the Four Gods cult, it is time to spread the teachings yet again... Davr will serve as an example.
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