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Default Time between beta and release

The release speculation is getting a little on my nerves, basicly people desperatly grasping blue posts like straws.

So let's take a look back how long the last two betas have lasted.

The Burning Crusade:

Beta Start: 12. Oktober 2006
Release Date: 16. January 2007

Total Time: 96 days

Wrath of the Lich King:

Beta Start: 17. July 2008
Release Date: 13. November 2008

Total Time: 119 days

While Cataclysm indeed made much work than LK, some people are making Blizzard stupider than they are. They wouldn't have opened the beta if they wern't on schedule.

The Cataclysm Beta opening was on 30. June 2010.

The LK Beta was 23 days longer than the BC. Even if we asume that the Cata beta will be another 23 days longer (only numbers.^^) that would be 142 days. If we calculate that, the result is 20. November 2010.

While this is only speculation, I think it is indeed a realistic time frame plus minus some days. Cata Beta looks very deep in progression and imo the players are only getting a bit unpatient because LK is out of juice. (as I said in the other thread, I think people interpreting to much into that Bornaak comment.)

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