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Originally Posted by Ethenil View Post
I sincerely apologize, yesterday was not a good day, and I was pretty pissed at everything.

I propose having the "Black Forest", which is a temporary name for a mysterious Schwartzwald with dark ents and dark elves, around eastern Frelherth. I think werewolves would fit really well with this.

Then, the ghost-run human nation could be in the original Spookyland, on the eastern shores, and their pirates focusing on eastern Xaxalin, going sometimes to Althesar (since long voyages may not be a particular issue for ghosts), and only occasionally interacting with Orcini pirates.

In that same Spookyland, could be these huge castles of vampires, while the feudal ones are actually somewhere on Xaxalin (preferably as north as possible), having begun originally as a colony of the northern ones in an effort to harvest humans, since the ghost-protected ones up north are harder to get to.


Thoughts on merfolk:

- I'll edit the political map later to show how I envision their territories.

- I'm considering having the Ssetali (deep sea merfolk) be organized not into nations but into temples, located within trenches deep, deep down.

- The colony next to Rakshar is indeed far away. What I'm considering is making it having been a colony before, but now being its own state made of both Thassali (main-breed) and Ssetali (deepsea). They would still followed the prime directive of the merfolk people, and hold huge respect for the main Thassali emperor, but be independent. Now, I just need to find a reason for this colony to have existed, probably something they're after in Rakshar.

- I propose have not-Nordrassil on the northern Njorthos landmass, with the tips of its roots across those nearby continents.
1. No problem, my apologies for snapping at you, had a rough day yesterday as well.

2. Forest in Frelherth and Ghosts on the northern continent, with vamps to the north and invading/raiding Xaxalin and setting up Feudal places on it sounds good, allows for a bit of conflict.

3. Merfolk deep-sea temples sound cool. Could help keep away / keep dormant deep sea monsters.

4. As for what they're looking for in Rakshar we can talk with Gromak and see what might be there.

5. How do you feel about it having seeds that grow into large trees that transfer energy rather than direct roots?
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