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Alright, Mutters and me worked out the special Rakshar thing.

Essentially, in ancient times when there were still Primordials running around the world, some of them were in Rakshar and formed a Nature's Wrath kinda faction. They constructed a magical structure/weapon that could channel powerful life/nature magic into the land and it's inhabitants, keeping it healthy and growing while the world around was wrecked by the Gods-War. This structure is also the reason Rakshar's wild- and plantlife evolved into the crazy killing-machines they are today. Their ultimate goal was to use this weapon to let nature run rampant and cover the entire world in lush, dense jungles filled with killing-machines.

This ancient structure still lays hidden somewhere beneath Rakshar. Your Merfolk could've been sent by Nothogg to try and find/destroy this weapon, look for other weapons the Nature's Wrath faction cooked up in Rakshar etc.
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