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Originally Posted by Krakhed View Post
Honestly, I wouldn't be too surprised if the story built up to reveal that the Void is, quite literally, the Light's shadow. All the things it rejected about itself and cast off, instead of learning to accept and reconciling with.
You're firing up my imagination. What if you're talking about the entity that first created the WoW universe(in-story of course)? Like you say, it hated it's shadow, and rejected it, leaving both light and void incomplete. Now the light is going on to purify the universe the way it thinks is best, with the void doing the same.

And about the draenic inquisition, besides one quote about Yrel, do we really know if she really is the Exarch? Pure speculation, but maybe she became seriously ill and a temporary co-exarch appointed(with her nominally still being High Exarch). The naaru whispered to this draenei about lightbinding and began applying this to his own people as well as to the orcs(by force). Yrel recovers and discovers what has happened, is appalled and flees with a group of like-minded draenei to form a coalition with friendly orcs to overthrow the temporary exarch.

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