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Originally Posted by Nazja View Post
I think you're underestimating religion.
I think you are overestimating the setting.

What you write makes sense, but it requires a more "gritty", "realistic" setting than what we have. In my mind, the Warcraft 3 night elves would not join any faction, because both offend their religious convictions. The Alliance is too industrial and too arcane-focused, the Horde disrespected their territory and killed their demigod.

But, once you have to put them on a faction, I think the Horde fit the Warcraft 3 kaldorei way better than the Alliance. You just need to explain how the negotiations went, or even make an excuse as to why they rejected the Alliance.

Originally Posted by Marthen View Post
Here is something I shared on the discord previously. A bunch of parts detailing Metzen’s role in Warcraft and generally the team’s stances on lore.
I've always figured that was how storytelling was done in gaming companies. You can notice that usually the more Blizzard delves into storytelling, the worst stories go.

Warcraft 2 story is simple and so generic, it just sends you from battle to battle, advancing the war until it reaches its conclusion, yet the expansion set is IMO the best story of the Warcraft saga. That's because there's very little details and the mind of the player figures out the rest, making a strong headcanon.

As the tools for storytelling evolve, you start to see the flaws in the story. Characters begin to act in strange ways and take stupid ideas, we get bad dialogue, there are twists that make no sense.

Just compare Starcraft 1 and 2. The later has amazing tools for storytelling but fails to tell a good story. The former is pretty simple, but the story is amazing.

When I ask for good storytelling in WoW, I'm not hoping for a award-winning romance quality. I just want the decisions of the storyteller to make sense. Things like WoD should never have existed, that expansion was in principle a horrible decision.

Originally Posted by Marthen View Post
Some of that is in the book, some was said by Staats during the AMAs, some I know from my private conversations.
To me it was always clear the inclusion of the forsaken in the Horde, the night elves in the Alliance and the blood elves in the Horde were mandated by executives rather than natural consequences of past stories. It's no wonder to this day all three stories are still debated (watering down of the night elves, Horde being evil, people asking for high elves).
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